Northern Territory Consolidated Regulations

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Schedule 2     Storage and safekeeping requirements for category a and b firearms

regulation 21

1.     The sides and door are to be constructed of solid steel:

        (a)     that has a minimum thickness of 3 mm; or

        (b)     that has a minimum thickness of 2 mm if the method of construction used ensures rigidity or additional reinforcing to prevent distortion has been included.

2.     All edges are to be rolled or folded.

3.     The door is to be recessed or flush fitted and is to be sized to prevent leverage points.

4.     All hinges are to be secured so that the door cannot be detached by removing the pins, internal or trap-type hinges being preferred.

5.     There are at least 2 bolt-down points.

6.     There is to be one locking point.

7.     There is to be sufficient reinforcing to prevent distortion of the door if a forced entry were to be attempted.

8.     If a padlock is used, it is to be covered so as to prevent the lock being cut or broken off.

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