Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Certificate requirements

103 Certificate requirements

A certificate of occupancy must—

(a) be signed in the approved form; and
(b) state the building’s classification, having regard to—
(i) the class of the building stated in the decision notice for the development; and
(ii) the use for which the building was designed, built or adapted; and
(c) briefly describe the type of building or the use for which the building was designed, built or adapted, having regard to—
(i) any particular categories of uses under the classification; and
(ii) restrictions about the use of the building under the BCA or QDC; and
Examples of descriptions for paragraph (c)—
• retail showroom for sale of goods
• manufacturing – plastic goods production, not to be used for hazardous processes under the BCA
• motel – sole occupancy units
Example of restriction about the use of a building under the QDC—
a requirement under the QDC for a floating building to be permanently moored and not used for navigational purposes
(d) if a part of the building is classified differently to another part—state the part to which each classification relates; and
(e) if the development uses a building solution under the BCA or QDC and the solution—
(i) restricts the use or occupation of the building—state the restriction; or
(ii) requires a management procedure relating to systems or procedures—state the management procedure; and
(f) if the development uses performance solutions—state the materials, systems, methods of building, management procedures, specifications and other things required under the performance solutions.
Examples of possible performance solution requirements relating to materials—
• a limitation on the use of finishes with fire hazard properties as defined under the BCA
• a prohibition on storing hazardous materials above a stated height
• a limitation on storing or using stated materials
Examples of possible performance solution requirements relating to systems or procedures—
• a requirement that all of the building’s final exit doors be unlocked before it is occupied on the start of any day
• a requirement to implement stated evacuation strategies or procedures
• a restriction on the number and the distribution of the building’s occupants
• a requirement that evacuation routes be kept clear of fittings and furnishings or be kept sterile
• a prohibition on carrying out any hazardous processes or storage mentioned in BCA, part E1.5, table E1.5, note 4, paragraph (a)

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