Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Meaning of economic abuse

12 Meaning of economic abuse

"Economic abuse" means behaviour, or a pattern of behaviour, by a person (the
"first person" ) that is coercive, deceptive or unreasonably controls another person (the
"second person" ), without the second person’s consent—

(a) in a way that denies the second person the economic or financial autonomy the second person would have had but for that behaviour; or
(b) by withholding or threatening to withhold the financial support necessary for meeting the reasonable living expenses of the second person or a child, if the second person or the child is entirely or predominantly dependent on the first person for financial support to meet those living expenses.
• coercing a person to relinquish control over assets and income
• removing or keeping a person’s property without the person’s consent, or threatening to do so
• disposing of property owned by a person, or owned jointly with a person, against the person’s wishes and without lawful excuse
• without lawful excuse, preventing a person from having access to joint financial assets for the purposes of meeting normal household expenses
• preventing a person from seeking or keeping employment
• coercing a person to claim social security payments
• coercing a person to sign a power of attorney that would enable the person’s finances to be managed by another person
• coercing a person to sign a contract for the purchase of goods or services
• coercing a person to sign a contract for the provision of finance, a loan or credit
• coercing a person to sign a contract of guarantee
• coercing a person to sign any legal document for the establishment or operation of a business

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