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Application for restoration

57 Application for restoration

(1) If a person’s licence expires, the person may apply for restoration of the licence.
(2) The application must—
(a) be made within 3 months after the expiry; and
(b) be made to the chief executive in the approved form; and
(c) state the term of the licence being applied for; and
(d) state the names and addresses of the person’s business associates; and
(e) be accompanied by—
(i) the application fee prescribed under a regulation; and
(ii) the licence renewal fee prescribed under a regulation; and
(iii) the licence restoration fee prescribed under a regulation; and
(iv) if the person was required as a condition of the person’s licence to hold insurance, proof of the currency of the insurance; and
(v) if, before or when the application is made, a criminal history costs requirement is made of the person—the amount of the costs required to be paid.
(3) The application must also be accompanied by—
(a) an audit report about all trust accounts kept by the person during the relevant audit period; or
(b) a statutory declaration that the person did not operate a trust account during the relevant audit period.
(4) If requested by the chief executive, the application must, for an individual, also be accompanied by 2 recent colour photographs of the individual that are—
(a) of a size prescribed under a regulation; and
(b) certified as photographs of the individual in the way prescribed under a regulation.
(5) The chief executive may, by written notice given to the person, require the person to give the chief executive within a stated reasonable period information or material the chief executive reasonably believes is needed to consider the application.
(6) The person is taken to have withdrawn the person’s application if the person fails to comply with a request made under subsection (4) or requirement made under subsection (5) .
(7) In this section—

"relevant audit period" , for a licence, means the audit period ending immediately before the licence’s expiry date.

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