Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Register of licences

76 Register of licences

(1) The chief executive must keep a register of licences and applications for licences (
"licence register" ).
(2) The licence register must contain the following particulars—
(a) for each applicant for a licence—
(i) the applicant’s name; and
(ii) if the applicant intends to carry on a regulated business, the place or places where the applicant intends to carry on the business; and
(iii) the date of the application; and
(iv) the application number;
(b) for each field agent
(i) the agent’s name; and
(ii) the agent’s registered office; and
(iii) the dates of issue and expiry of the agent’s current licence; and
(iv) any conditions imposed on the agent’s licence; and
(v) if the agent is a corporation, the name of the individual in charge of the corporation’s regulated business; and
(vi) if the agent is a director of a licensed corporation, the name of the licensed corporation; and
(vii) if the agent is an employee of another field agent, the name of the agent’s employer; and
(viii) the agent’s licence number; and
(ix) particulars of any surrender, suspension or cancellation of the agent’s licence.
(3) A person may, on payment of the fee prescribed under a regulation, inspect, or get a copy of details in, the part of the register containing the particulars mentioned in subsection (2)
(a) at a place or places decided by the chief executive; or
(b) by using a computer.
(4) A person may pay the fee, in advance or in arrears, under an arrangement approved by the chief executive.
(5) The register may be kept in the way the chief executive considers appropriate.
(6) In this section—

"contain" includes record and store.

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