Queensland Consolidated Acts

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8 Objects

(1) The objects of this Act are—
(a) to provide a system for the regulation of the activities and conduct of debt collectors and subagents that achieves an appropriate balance between—
(i) the need to regulate for the protection of consumers; and
(ii) the need to promote freedom of enterprise in the market place; and
(b) to provide a way of protecting consumers against particular undesirable practices associated with a regulated activity.
(2) The objects are to be achieved mainly by—
(a) ensuring—
(i) only suitable persons are authorised to engage in regulated activities; and
(ii) persons who carry on a regulated business or are in charge of a regulated business maintain supervision of the way the business is carried on; and
(b) providing—
(i) protection for consumers in their dealings with persons regulated under this Act; and
(ii) a legislative framework within which persons performing particular activities may lawfully operate; and
(c) regulating fees and commissions that can be charged for particular transactions; and
(d) providing increased flexibility in enforcement measures through injunctions and undertakings; and
(e) promoting administrative efficiency by providing that—
(i) responsibility for licensing rests with the chief executive; and
(ii) responsibility for reviewing particular decisions of the chief executive rests with QCAT; and
(iii) responsibility for disciplining field agents and subagents, and dealing with collection agents in a similar way, rests with QCAT.

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