Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Report of investigator

87ZL Report of investigator

(1) An investigator may, and, if directed by the commission, must make interim reports to the commission.
(2) On the completion or termination of the investigation, the investigator must report to the commission the investigator’s opinion on the matters under investigation, together with the facts on which the opinion is based.
(3) A copy of a final report must, and a copy of the whole or a part of an interim report may, be given by the commission to the investigated person to which the report relates.
(4) However, the commission is not bound to give an investigated person a copy of a report, or a part of a report, if the commission is of the opinion that there is good reason for not divulging its contents.
(5) If the commission is of the opinion that it is in the public interest, the commission may publish, on its website and any other place the commission considers appropriate, the whole or a part of a report.
(6) If an investigator has given a record of an examination under this part to the commission with the report to which the record relates, a copy of the record may be given to any person, and on the conditions, that the commission considers appropriate.

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