Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Contempt of tribunal

763 Contempt of tribunal

(1) A person is in contempt of the tribunal if the person—
(a) insults a member or a staff member of the tribunal at a proceeding, or in going to or returning from a proceeding; or
(b) unreasonably interrupts a proceeding, or otherwise misbehaves at a proceeding; or
(c) creates or continues, or joins in creating or continuing, a disturbance in or near a place where a proceeding is being conducted; or
(d) obstructs or assaults a person attending a proceeding; or
(e) obstructs a member in the performance of the member’s functions or the exercise of the member’s powers; or
(f) obstructs a person acting under an order made under this Act by the tribunal or a member; or
(g) without lawful excuse, disobeys a lawful order or direction of the tribunal made or given under this Act; or
(h) does anything at a proceeding or otherwise that would be contempt of court if the tribunal were a court of record.
(2) The tribunal may order that a person who contravenes subsection (1) at a proceeding be excluded from the place where the proceeding is being conducted.
(3) A staff member of the tribunal or a health practitioner, acting under the tribunal’s order, may, with the help that is necessary and reasonable in the circumstances, exclude the person from the place.

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