Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Permission notice may be subject to certain conditions

11 Permission notice may be subject to certain conditions

(1) The Commissioner, or local authority concerned, (the
"relevant authority" ) may, in a notice given under section 10 (2) (a) or (b) , specify conditions to which the giving of the notice is subject.
(2) A condition may not be specified unless—
(a) the relevant authority has had regard to the objects of this Act; and
(b) the organiser has agreed, in writing, to the condition; and
(c) the consultations required by subsection (4) have been held.
(3) A condition must relate to—
(a) a matter concerning—
(i) public safety; or
(ii) the maintenance of public order; or
(iii) the protection of the rights and freedoms of persons; or
(b) the payment of clean up costs arising out of the holding of the assembly; or
(c) the recognition of any inherent environmental or cultural sensitivity of the place of assembly; or
(d) the application to the place of assembly of any resource management practice of a delicate nature.
(4) For the purposes of subsection (2) (c) , the relevant authority must consult, or attempt to consult, with—
(a) if there is a body known to the relevant authority to represent persons who have a significant interest in the place of assembly—the body; or
(b) in any other case—each person, body, or agency, (an
"interested person" ) known to the relevant authority to have a significant interest in, or responsibility for, the place of assembly.
(5) If the relevant authority considers that, because of time constraints and the number of interested persons involved, it is not practicable—
(a) to hold separate consultations with each interested person; or
(b) to contact each interested person for the purpose of arranging consultations;
the relevant authority may—
(c) fix a reasonable time and place for holding the consultations; and
(d) cause a notice of the time and place to be published in a newspaper circulating in the area in which the assembly is proposed to be held.

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