Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Meaning of advertises personal injury services

64 Meaning of advertises personal injury services

(1) For this part, a practitioner or another person, whether or not the other person is acting for a law practice,
"advertises personal injury services" if the practitioner or person publishes or causes to be published a statement that may reasonably be thought to be intended or likely to encourage or induce a person—
(a) to make a claim for compensation or damages under any Act or law for a personal injury; or
(b) to use the services of the practitioner, or a named law practice, in connection with the making of a claim mentioned in paragraph (a) .
(2) It does not matter that the statement also relates to other matters.
(3) For this section, a statement is
"published" if it is—
(a) published in a printed publication; or
(b) disseminated by the exhibition or broadcast of a photograph, slide, film, video recording, audio recording or other recording of images or sound, either as a public exhibition or broadcast or as an exhibition or broadcast to persons attending a place for the purpose of receiving professional advice, treatment or assistance; or
(c) broadcast by radio or for television; or
(d) displayed on an Internet website or otherwise publicly disseminated by means of the Internet; or
(e) publicly exhibited in, on, over or under any building, vehicle or place or in the air in view of persons in or on any street or public place; or
(f) displayed on any document gratuitously sent or delivered to any person or thrown or left on premises occupied by any person or on any vehicle; or
(g) displayed on any document provided to a person as a receipt or record for a transaction.

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