Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Access to court records

52 Access to court records

(1) A person may not have access to the record of proceedings in the court or the Court of Appeal in relation to a proceeding under this Act relating to a child unless the court has, on application by the person, given approval to the access.
Despite subsection (1) , if the registrar of the court receives a request from the public trustee under section 41 (3) , the registrar must provide the public trustee with the name and address of the child—see section 41 (4) .
(2) Any of the following persons may apply for access to the record of proceedings
(a) the child if 18 years or more or if, for section 46 (4) , the court considered the child should be served with the application;
(b) a birth parent;
(c) an intended parent;
(d) the Attorney-General;
(e) the chief executive.
(3) The court may give access to all or part of the record of proceedings.
(4) Without limiting the reasons for which the court may refuse to give a person access on an application under subsection (2) , the court may refuse to give access if—
(a) the person has not produced to the registrar or another appropriate officer of the court proof of the person’s identity; or
(b) the person has not complied with a requirement of the court under any law or rule of practice relating to inspection of and release of information generally from its record of proceedings.
(5) In this section—

"record of proceedings" includes—
(a) a written transcript of the proceedings; and
(b) the documents in the court file for the proceedings; and
(c) an appeal book in relation to the proceedings.

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