Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Cooperation with Coordinator-General

13 Cooperation with Coordinator-General

(1) Subject to this section, it is the duty of—
(a) a local body and, where it is a corporation, of every person who comprises it; and
(b) the chief executive of a department of the Government; and
(c) a corporation constituted for the purposes of any Act or that, being incorporated by the law of the State, is an instrumentality or agency of the Crown, and of every person who comprises it; and
(d) the holder of any office provided for by any Act; and
(e) a person in the employ of a local body, or in the employ of such corporation or holder for the purposes of the material Act, or employed in such a department;
to cooperate with the Coordinator-General in the performance by him or her of the functions of the Coordinator-General.
(2) Without limit to the duty imposed by subsection (1) a person subject thereto—
(a) shall consult with and make his or her services available to the Coordinator-General in connection with works, whether constructed, in course of construction, or to be constructed and in connection with any other matter that concerns the Coordinator-General; and
(b) shall confer, as requested by the Coordinator-General, on any matter that concerns development, planning, or environmental effects within the State or within any area over which the State claims jurisdiction and on any other matter that concerns the Coordinator-General; and
(c) shall, as required by the Coordinator-General, furnish to the Coordinator-General accurate information in the possession of or available to that person in the capacity whereby he or she is subject to this section concerning such matters as in the Coordinator-General’s opinion would assist the Coordinator-General in the discharge of his or her functions.
(3) This section shall be construed to apply—
(a) save where the Minister directs to the contrary in a particular case, proof whereof shall lie upon the person who alleges it; and
(b) in relation to the furnishing of information, subject to the provisions of any Act that expressly require a person employed under that Act to preserve and aid in preserving secrecy with regard to all matters that may come to the person’s knowledge in the person’s official capacity.

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