Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Limits on frisk searching detained person generally

129R Limits on frisk searching detained person generally

(1) A transit officer may frisk search a person only if—
(a) the officer is the same sex as the person; and
(b) the officer—
(i) tells the person that the person has the right to request the frisk search be carried out in an area or place that is, if practicable, out of view of members of the general public and that the officer considers, on reasonable grounds, provides suitable personal privacy to the person; and
(ii) takes the person to the area or place, if the person requests the officer to do so.
(2) A transit officer who frisk searches a person must—
(a) ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the way the person is searched causes minimal embarrassment to the person; and
(b) take reasonable care to protect the dignity of the person.

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