Queensland Consolidated Acts

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General powers

526 General powers

(1) An authorised person who enters a place under this part may do all or any of the following—
(a) search any part of the place;
(b) inspect, examine, take measurements of or film any part of the place or anything at the place;
(c) take for examination a thing, or a sample of or from a thing, at the place;
(d) place an identifying mark in or on anything at the place;
(e) take to, into or onto the place and use any person, equipment and materials the authorised person reasonably requires for exercising the authorised person’s functions under this part;
(f) take an extract from, or copy, a document at the place, or take the document to another place to copy;
(g) produce an image or writing at the place from an electronic document or, to the extent it is not practicable, take a thing containing an electronic document to another place to produce an image or writing;
(h) remain at the place for the time necessary to achieve the purpose of the entry.
(2) The authorised person may take a necessary step to allow the exercise of a power under subsection (1) .
(3) If the authorised person takes a document from the place to copy it, the authorised person must copy the document and return it to the place as soon as practicable.
(4) If the authorised person takes from the place an article or device reasonably capable of producing a document from an electronic document, the authorised person must produce the document and return the article or device as soon as practicable.
(5) In this section—

"examine" includes analyse, test, account, measure, weigh, grade, gauge and identify.

"film" includes photograph, videotape and record an image in another way.

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