Queensland Consolidated Acts

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SCHEDULE 1 – Regulations

1 fixing and varying premiums, rates of premium, bonuses and demerit charges in relation to policies, including providing for an increase in the rate or a charge if, because of an employer’s carelessness or another reason WorkCover considers sufficient, the risk carried by WorkCover is greater than that usually carried in cases of accident insurance of a similar description
2 provision for payment of additional premiums in relation to policies, and fixing the rates of additional premiums, in cases where employers fail to give to WorkCover the prescribed annual returns within the time decided and notified by WorkCover
3 authorising WorkCover to assess premiums to be paid, as WorkCover directs, by—
(a) employers; or
(b) other persons with whom WorkCover has made contracts of insurance; or
(c) persons required to give returns; or
(d) persons whom WorkCover believes to be employers;
and to increase, reduce and enforce payment of the assessments
4 the time in which and place where a premium is to be paid to WorkCover
5 acceptance by WorkCover of risk under contracts of insurance other than policies, the conditions or provisions to be contained or implied in the contracts, the nature and extent of risk covered by the contracts
6 the proper conduct of WorkCover’s insurance business
7 returns to be given to WorkCover, including—
(a) the persons who must give the returns, whether employers or other persons; and
(b) the time and how the returns must be given
8 the acceptance by WorkCover of payment of premium by instalments, including—
(a) payment of interest; and
(b) the rate and calculation of interest; and
(c) security to WorkCover for payment of instalments and interest;
and the result of and remedies on a failure to make payment due or to honour obligations under a security given to WorkCover for payment of the premium
9 the mode of service of process in legal proceedings, or of a notice or document, for this Act that is not provided for under chapter 14
10 the evidentiary value and if necessary, the admissibility into evidence, in a proceeding before a court, tribunal or person for this Act of a certificate, or copy of or extract from a document kept under this Act for anything under this Act, that is not provided for under chapter 14
11 the management of a claim for which there is more than one defendant
12 costs, including costs before and after a proceeding is started, and the type and amount of costs that may be claimed by or awarded to a claimant during any stage before or after the start of a proceeding
13 imposing a penalty for a contravention of a regulation of not more than 20 penalty units

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