Queensland Numbered Acts

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45 Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)

(1) Schedule 3, definitions, establishment cost and trunk infrastructure—


(2) Schedule 3—


'adopted infrastructure charge see section 648A.

adopted infrastructure charges notice see section 648F(1).

adopted infrastructure charges register see section 724(1)(ta).

adopted infrastructure charges resolution means a resolution made under section 648D(1) that is in effect.

adopted infrastructure charges schedule see section 648B(3).

establishment cost—

1 Establishment cost, in relation to a trunk infrastructure network, means—
(a) for future infrastructure—all costs for the design, financing and construction of the infrastructure and for land acquisition for the infrastructure; and
(b) for existing infrastructure—
(i) the residual financing cost of the existing infrastructure; and
(ii) the cost of reconstructing the same works using contemporary materials, techniques and technologies; and
(iii) if the land acquisition for the infrastructure was completed after 1 January 1990—the value of the land at the time it was acquired, adjusted for inflation.
2 Establishment cost, in relation to a trunk infrastructure network, includes—
(a) the cost of preparing an infrastructure charges schedule, including the desired standards of service and plans for trunk infrastructure used to calculate the charges stated in the infrastructure charges schedule; and
(b) ongoing administration costs for the infrastructure charges schedule for the infrastructure.

maximum adopted charge, in relation to trunk infrastructure, means the maximum adopted charge for the infrastructure, as amended from time to time under section 648C, under the State planning regulatory provision (adopted charges).

negotiated adopted infrastructure charges notice see section 679(1)(c).

relevant proportion, of an adopted infrastructure charge for trunk infrastructure, means the proportion of the adopted infrastructure charge under section 648A(1)(b) that is—

(a) agreed to under section 648G(2) by a distributor-retailer and its participating local government for the area in relation to which the trunk infrastructure is supplied; or
(b) if paragraph (a) does not apply—stated under a State planning regulatory provision (adopted charges).

standard amount see section 755A.

standard charge day, for chapter 9, part 7A, see section 755A.

State planning regulatory provision (adopted charges) see section 648B(5).

trunk infrastructure, for a local government, means—

(a) if the local government's planning scheme includes a priority infrastructure plan—development infrastructure identified in the plan as trunk infrastructure; or
(b) if an adopted infrastructure charges resolution identifies trunk infrastructure for the local government's area—the trunk infrastructure identified in the resolution; or
(c) otherwise—development infrastructure, other than development infrastructure for which a condition has been imposed under section 626A.'.

(3) Schedule 3, definition desired standard of service, 'the priority'—

omit, insert—

'an adopted infrastructure charges resolution or the priority'.

(4) Schedule 3, definition negotiated regulated State infrastructure charges notice, '679(1)(c)'—

omit, insert—


(5) Schedule 3, definition priority infrastructure area—


A priority infrastructure area may be identified in a priority infrastructure plan or a State planning regulatory provision (adopted charges).'.

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