South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Objects and guiding principles
   4.      Interpretation
   7A.     Minister to ensure consultation undertaken on operation of Act

   PART 2--Adoption orders

           Division 1--Powers of the Court

   8.      General power of Court
   8A.     Court must consider opinion of child
   9.      Effect of adoption order
   10.     No adoption order in certain circumstances
   10A.    Adoption of child who has turned 18
   11.     Adoption of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child
   12.     Criteria affecting prospective adoptive parents
   14.     Discharge of adoption orders

           Division 2--Consent to adoption

   15.     Consent of parent or guardian
   16.     Consent of child
   17.     Consent given under law of another jurisdiction
   18.     Court may dispense with consents
   19.     Order of Court dispensing with or recognising consent

           Division 3--Recognition of adoption orders

   20.     Recognition of adoption under Australian law
   21.     Recognition of adoption under foreign law

           Division 4--General provisions

   22.     Court to consider report on suitability of adoptive parents
   23.     Name of child
   24.     Proceedings to be private etc
   24A.    Custody agreements
   25.     Guardianship of child awaiting adoption
   26.     Support in special cases
   26A.    Arrangements between parties to adoption

   PART 2A--Open adoptions

   27.     Disclosure of information once adopted person turns 18
   27A.    Circumstances in which information will be provided earlier
   27B.    Limitation on obtaining information relating to adoption prior to commencement of Act in certain cases
   27C.    Interviews
   27D.    Minister's power to authorise disclosure
   27E.    Requirement for consent is waived on death

   PART 3--Miscellaneous

   28.     Certain agreements illegal
   29.     Negotiation for adoption
   30.     Enticing child away
   31.     Publication of names etc of persons involved in proceedings
   32.     Publication of certain material related to adoption
   33.     False or misleading statements
   34.     Impersonation
   35.     Presenting forged consent
   36.     Confidentiality
   37.     Offences
   38.     Age
   39.     Intervention in proceedings
   40.     Costs
   40A.    Notification of death of party to adoption
   41.     Registration
   41A.    Limitation on accessing information on register relating to person adopted prior to commencement of Act in certain cases
   42.     Regulations
           Legislative history
           The Parliament of South Australia enacts as

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