South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Objects
   4.      Interpretation
   4A.     References to provision of medical treatment etc to include withdrawal etc of medical treatment
   4B.     Consent not required for withdrawal etc of medical treatment

   PART 2--Consent to medical treatment generally

           Division 1--Consent generally

   6.      Legal competence to consent to medical treatment

           Division 4--Medical treatment of children

   12.     Administration of medical treatment to a child

           Division 5--Emergency medical treatment

   13.     Emergency medical treatment

   PART 2A--Consent to medical treatment if person has impaired decision-making capacity

   14.     Interpretation
   14A.    Application of Part
   14B.    Consent of person responsible for patient effective in certain circumstances
   14C.    Person responsible for patient to make substituted decision
   14D.    Person must not give consent unless authorised to do so

   PART 3--Provisions governing medical practice

           Division 1--Medical practice generally

   15.     Medical practitioner's duty to explain
   16.     Protection for medical practitioners etc

           Division 2--The care of people who are dying

   17.     The care of people who are dying
   18.     Saving provision

   PART 3A--Dispute resolution, reviews and appeals

           Division 1--Preliminary

   18A.    Interpretation
   18B.    Application of Part

           Division 2--Resolution of disputes by Public Advocate

   18C.    Resolution of disputes by Public Advocate
   18D.    Public Advocate may refer matter to Tribunal
   18DA.   Public Advocate may refer question of law to Supreme Court

           Division 3--Resolution of disputes by Tribunal

   18E.    Resolution of disputes by Tribunal
   18F.    Tribunal may refer matter to Public Advocate
   18G.    Failing to comply with direction of Tribunal

           Division 4--Reviews and appeals

   18H.    Reviews and appeals

   PART 3B--Special provisions relating to Tribunal

   18I.    Tribunal must give notice of proceedings
   18J.    Reasons for decisions
   18K.    Representation of person who is subject of proceedings

   PART 4--Regulations

   19.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 3--Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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