South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Passenger Transport Act 1994


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   3A.     Definitions of chauffeured vehicle service and taxi service
   4.      Definition of Metropolitan Adelaide
   5.      Exclusions from definition of passenger transport service
   6.      Exclusions from definition of regular passenger service
   7.      Sections 27, 28 and 29 of Act not to apply in certain cases
   7A.     Application of section 29 of Act--prescribed passenger services
   7AA.    Sections 39(3)(a), 40(5) and 40(6) of Act not to apply in Metropolitan Adelaide (Area B)
   7B.     Section 52(1) of Act not to apply to transport services for animals

   PART 2--Accreditation

           Division 1--General passenger services

   8.      Operators--eligibility
   9.      Conditions
   10.     Periodical fees and returns

           Division 2--Drivers

   11.     Drivers--eligibility
   12.     Medical examination
   13.     Conditions
   13A.    Duration of accreditation

           Division 3--Centralised booking services

   14.     Centralised booking services--eligibility
   15.     Conditions
   16.     Periodical fees and returns
   17.     Authorised officers--prescribed powers

           Division 4--General provisions relating to accreditations

   18.     Accreditations may be held jointly
   19.     Particulars in accreditation
   20.     Death or incapacity of accredited person
   21.     Duty of accredited person to furnish information
   22.     Inquiries by Minister
   23.     Defacing etc of accreditations
   24.     Delivery of accreditations
   25.     Issue of duplicate if accreditation lost etc
   26.     Renewals
   27.     Procedure for variation of an accreditation

   PART 3--Taxis

           Division 1--Taxi licences

   28.     Exceptions to sections 45 and 52 of Act
   29.     Suitability of vehicle
   30.     Prescribed kinds or grades of licences
   31.     Conditions of licences
   32.     Licence allocation procedure
   33.     Licences may be held jointly
   34.     Particulars in licence
   35.     Duty to notify Minister of changes in information
   36.     Death or incapacity of licence holder
   37.     Transfer of licences
   38.     Suspension or cancellation of licences
   39.     Duty of licence holder to furnish information
   40.     Inquiries by the Minister
   41.     Defacing etc lending of licences
   42.     Delivery of licences
   43.     Issue of duplicate licence
   44.     Substitution of vehicle

           Division 2--Vehicles

   46.     Colour and markings

           Division 3--Taxi signs

   47.     Display of taxi signs by metropolitan taxis
   48.     Display of taxi signs by country taxis
   49.     Requirement for taxi sign to indicate when taxi not available for hire
   50.     Return of taxi signs
   51.     Unauthorised use of signs
   52.     Removal of signs
   53.     Loss or theft of signs
   54.     Company signs
   55.     Advertising

           Division 4--Taxi-meters and charges for hiring taxis

   56.     Requirement for country taxi to have meter
   57.     Requirements relating to meters
   58.     Action required when meter defective
   59.     Compulsory inspection of meters
   60.     Substitution of wheels or alteration of drive train
   61.     Offences relating to meters
   62.     Fees for testing of taxi-meter
   63.     Operation of meter by taxi driver
   64.     Charges for hiring taxis
   64A.    Payment by electronic means for hiring of taxi
   64B.    Non-cash payment surcharges for hiring taxis
   65.     Display of information relating to charges for hiring taxis

           Division 5--Provision of taxi services

   66.     Register of taxi-stands designated by Minister
   67.     Duty of taxi driver not to leave taxi unattended at taxi-stand
   68.     Duty to accept or continue hiring
   69.     Duty of taxi driver to take shortest route
   70.     Right to terminate or vary hiring
   71.     Multiple-hirings
   72.     Requirement to display no smoking signs in taxi

           Division 6--Security cameras

   73.     Interpretation
   74.     Accreditation of suppliers of security camera systems
   75.     Requirement to have approved security camera system fitted and operating
   76.     Offence to interfere etc with security camera system
   77.     Authorisation to download images
   78.     Steps to be followed in the event of an incident etc
   79.     Delivery of material to police station
   80.     General protection of recorded material
   81.     Storage and disposal of material
   82.     Requirement to display sign in taxi
   83.     Compulsory inspection of systems
   84.     Authorised activities

   PART 4--Conduct of drivers and general passenger issues

           Division 1--Provisions applying to drivers

   85.     General duties of driver of public passenger vehicle
   86.     Prohibition on overloading public passenger vehicle
   87.     Prohibition on carriage of passengers on certain portions of public passenger vehicle
   88.     Requirement to store passengers' luggage

           Division 2--Provisions applying to passengers and others

              Subdivision 1--General provisions

   89.     Duty to give name and address to driver
   90.     Riding in non-carriage area of vehicle
   91.     Interfering with or distracting driver of vehicle
   92.     Placement of luggage
   93.     No smoking in vehicle
   94.     Consumption and carriage of alcohol
   95.     Consumption of food or beverages
   96.     Use of seats etc
   97.     Objects protruding from vehicle
   98.     Boarding or alighting from vehicle in motion
   99.     Causing inconvenience in vehicles

              Subdivision 2--Provisions applying in relation to regular passenger services

   100.    Payment of fares and charges
   101.    Validation of tickets
   102.    Inspection or surrender of tickets
   103.    Possession of concession cards
   104.    Special provision for declared areas
   105.    Surrender of invalid ticket or card
   106.    Nuisances and annoyances
   107.    Alcohol at prescribed premises
   108.    Unoccupied seats
   109.    Occupying non-carriage areas in vehicle
   110.    Obstruction of passengers etc
   111.    Objects etc protruding from vehicle
   112.    Interference with equipment etc
   113.    Throwing of objects from vehicle etc
   114.    Unlawful boarding of vehicle
   115.    Prohibition of animals in vehicle
   116.    Carriage of bicycles and surfboards
   117.    Carriage of dangerous objects etc on vehicle
   118.    Reserved seat or space
   119.    Abandoned goods
   120.    Removal of goods
   121.    Motor vehicles etc
   122.    Pedal cycles, skateboards etc
   123.    Pedestrians
   124.    Duty of pedestrians at pedestrian crossings
   125.    Duty to comply with directions and obey signs
   126.    Rubbish and other abandoned property
   127.    Abandoned vehicles
   128.    Graffiti
   129.    Commercial activities
   130.    Behaviour of children in company of adults
   131.    Exclusion or removal of persons by authorised persons

           Division 3--Miscellaneous

   132.    Conditions of travel
   133.    Transit barring orders
   134.    Lost property

   PART 5--Vehicle standards and inspections

           Division 1--Vehicle standards

   135.    Maximum age of vehicles
   136.    Vehicle design--left-hand drive vehicles
   137.    Airconditioning

           Division 2--Inspections and reporting of accidents

   138.    Inspections
   139.    Prescribed scheme of maintenance for buses
   140.    Duty to facilitate inspections
   141.    Issue and display of inspection labels
   142.    Reporting of accidents involving taxis

   PART 6--Registration plates

   143.    Prescribed classes of vehicles
   144.    Defacing, lending and unauthorised use of registration plates
   145.    Seizure of registration plates unlawfully held
   146.    Surrender of registration plates
   147.    Loss or theft of registration plates

   PART 7--Miscellaneous

   148.    Minister may waive or refund fees
   149.    Minister may determine fares, charges etc for regular passenger services
   150.    Fares for passenger transport services (other than taxi services or regular passenger services)
   150A.   SATSS Conditions of Use
   150B.   SATSS Vouchers
   150C.   Defences
   150D.   Records to be kept by relevant providers during assessment periods
   150E.   Preparation and lodgment of returns by relevant providers
   150F.   Exemptions from point to point transport service transaction levy
   150G.   Calculation of levy payable on estimated basis
   150H.   Interest payable on default of payment of point to point transport service transaction levy
   151.    Codes of practice
   152.    Keeping of records
   153.    Minister may require various notices etc to be fitted
   154.    Power of Minister to dispense with certain requirements
   155.    Service
   156.    Evidentiary provision
           SCHEDULE 2--Taxi licence allocation procedure
           SCHEDULE 3--Maximum fares (metropolitan taxis)
           SCHEDULE 4--Forms
           SCHEDULE 5--Codes of practice
           SCHEDULE 6--Transitional provision
           Legislative history

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