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                      SEEDS AMENDMENT BILL 2003


               1.   Short title
               2.   Commencement
               3.   Principal Act
               4.   Sections 8 and 9 inserted
                     8.     Prohibited seeds
                     9.     Exemptions

[Bill 31]-IX






SEEDS AMENDMENT BILL 2003 (Brought in by the Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment, the Honourable Bryan Alexander Green) A BILL FOR An Act to amend the Seeds Act 1985 Be it enacted by His Excellency the Governor of Tasmania, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and House of Assembly, in Parliament assembled, as follows: Short title 1. This Act may be cited as the Seeds Amendment Act 2003. Commencement 2. This Act commences on the day on which this Act receives the Royal Assent. Principal Act 3. In this Act, the Seeds Act 1985* is referred to as the Principal Act. *No. 87 of 1985 [Bill 31] 3



s. 4 No. Seeds Amendment 2003 Sections 8 and 9 inserted 4. After section 7 of the Principal Act, the following sections are inserted: Prohibited seeds 8. (1) Unless he or she is exempted under section 9, a person must not - (a) be in possession of; or (b) cause to germinate or propagate - any prohibited seeds. Penalty: Fine not exceeding 40 penalty units. (2) The Secretary by notice in writing served on a person may require the person to - (a) destroy any prohibited seeds in the person's possession, custody or control; or (b) remove the seeds from Tasmania; or (c) otherwise treat the seeds - in a manner, and within a period, determined by the Secretary and specified in the notice. (3) A person must comply with a requirement under subsection (2). Penalty: Fine not exceeding 40 penalty units and, in the case of a continuing offence, a further fine not exceeding one penalty unit for each day during which the offence continues. 4



2003 Seeds Amendment No. s. 4 Exemptions 9. The Secretary may, in writing, exempt a person or a class of persons from the operation of section 8 on any conditions that the Secretary thinks fit. Government Printer, Tasmania 5


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