Tasmanian Bills Clause Notes

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              Nature Conservation Amendment Bill 2012

                                  Clause Notes

Clause 1   Short Title
           This Act may be cited as the Nature Conservation Amendment Bill 2012.

Clause 2   Commencement
           This Act will commence on the day on which the Act receives Royal Assent.

Clause 3   Principal Act
           The Nature Conservation Act 2002 is the Principal Act amended by this Act.

Clause 4   Section 32A inserted (Amendment of Schedules in Wildlife (General)
           Regulations 2010)
           Subsection (1) provides for the Minister, by order published in the Gazette, to
           amend Schedules 1 to 7 of the Wildlife (General) Regulations by adding,
           amending or omitting the name of an order, family, common name or species.
           The amendment will apply to the following Schedules:
            Schedule 1: Specially Protected Wildlife;
            Schedule 2: Protected Wildlife;
            Schedule 3: Protected Wildlife that may be Bought, Sold or Held without a
            Schedule 4: Partly Protected Wildlife;
            Schedule 5: Restricted Animals;
            Schedule 6: Restricted (Special Purpose) Wildlife; and
            Schedule 7: Domestic Stock.
           It is considered that this minor amendment will improve the way the Act

Clause 5   Repeal of Act
           This Act is to be repealed 90 days after commencement.




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