AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 40 of 1908
- Royal Assent 14 December 1908


           Long Title

   PART I - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Section 3
   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Section 5
   6.      Act not to apply to unalienated Crown lands
   6A.     Act not to apply to land owned by Forestry corporation
   7.      Act not to apply to roads
   7A.     Act not to apply to rail corridors

   PART II - Erection of Fences

   8.      Adjoining owners to share cost of fencing
   9.      Notice to fence to be given
   10.     Objection to proposed fence
   11.     Provision in cases where notices vary
   12.     If parties cannot agree and no objection made, fence may be erected
   13.     If default made by one party, other may fence and recover
   14.     Contribution towards cost of fence recoverable from owner for time
   15.     Where adjoining land is Crown land
   16.     Bush to be cleared along line of fence
   17.     Where river, &c., natural boundary, power to agree on line of
   18.     Fence to be on boundary line
   19.     Person using fence on further side of road liable to pay interest
           on half cost
   20.     Gorse, &c., not to be planted without consent of owner and
   21.     Power to construct a fence on road to protect live fence

   PART III - Repairs of Fences

   22.     Owners liable to repair fences
   23.     Procedure to compel contribution to the repair, &c., of fences
   24.     Contribution where fence destroyed by accident
   25.     Liability for reckless use of fire

   PART IV - Arbitration

   26.     All disputes to be decided by arbitration
   27.     Section 27
   28.     Section 28
   29.     Section 29
   30.     Section 30
   31.     Section 31
   32.     Section 32
   33.     Section 33
   34.     Section 34
   35.     Powers of arbitrators
   36.     Arbitrators to consider benefit likely to accrue
   37.     Provision for contribution by tenant
   38.     Award to be delivered to the party first appointing arbitrator
   39.     Costs of arbitration
   40.     Submission may be made a Rule of Court
   41.     Award not void through error in form

   PART V - Miscellaneous

   42.     How moneys recoverable under this Act may be recovered
   43.     Act not to interfere with agreements
   44.     Power of persons constructing fences to enter upon contiguous lands
   45.     When garden, orchard, or crop, &c., damaged, owner or occupier
           entitled to compensation
   46.     Power of tenant to come in and defend proceedings against his
   47.     Service of notices, &c.
   48.     Notice to cut live fences and to clear adjoining land
   49.     Property in fence in criminal proceedings
   50.     Section 50
   51.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1

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