AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 94 of 1934
- Royal Assent 14 January 1935


           Long Title

   PART I - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Section 2
   3.      Interpretation

   PART II - The Crown

   4.      Parliament not dissolved by demise of the Crown
   5.      Demise of the Crown not to affect things done before proclamation
   6.      Appointments, &c., by the Governor to continue in force
           notwithstanding demise of the Crown
   7.      All process, &c., and engagements with or on behalf of His
           Majesty, to subsist and continue notwithstanding demise
   8.      Deputy-Governor's powers: Provision as to deputy of Lieutenant-Governor
           or Administrator
   8A.     Limit on number of Ministers of the Crown
   8B.     Appointment and tenure of office of Ministers of the Crown
   8C.     Special provisions as to Attorney-General
   8D.     Section 8D
   8E.     Minister acting on behalf of another
   8F.     Appointment of Secretary to Cabinet
   8G.     Functions of Secretary to Cabinet
   8H.     How Secretary to Cabinet ceases to hold office

   PART III - Parliament Division 1 - Both Houses

   9.      Continuation of existing Houses: Continuance in office of Members
   10.     The Parliament of Tasmania
   11.     Annual sessions
   12.     Governor to fix times for sittings; Delay in return of writs
   13.     Special sittings of Parliament
   14.     Qualification of Members
   15.     Resignation
   16.     Section 16
   17.     Houses to make standing orders

           Division 2 - The Council

   18AA.   Application of Division
   18.     Constitution of the Council
   19.     Council elections
   20.     Quorum of the Council
   21.     Election of President

           Division 3 - The Assembly

   22.     Constitution of the Assembly
   23.     Four year Parliaments
   24.     Election of Speaker
   24A.    Section 24A
   25.     Quorum of the Assembly

           Division 4 - Qualifications of electors

   26.     Section 26
   27.     Section 27
   28.     Assembly and Council electors
   29.     Section 29

           Division 5 - Disqualification: Vacation of office: Penalty

   30.     Oath to be taken by Members
   31.     Commonwealth membership
   32.     Office of profit
   33.     Contractors
   34.     Vacation of office for other causes
   35.     Election and return void in certain cases

   PART IV - Money Bills: Powers of Houses

   36.     Interpretation
   37.     Money Bills to originate in the Assembly
   38.     Money votes, &c., to be recommended by the Governor
   39.     Limitation of matters to be dealt with in Appropriation Bills
   40.     Certain provisions in Appropriation Acts inoperative
   41.     Limitation of matters to be dealt with in Income Tax Rating Acts
           and Land Tax Rating Acts
   41A.    Powers of the Assembly in respect of its own duration
   42.     Powers of the Council in respect of the amendment of Bills
   43.     Power of the Council to request amendment of Bills which it may
           not amend
   44.     Power of the Council to reject Bills which it may not amend
   45.     General powers of the Council and the Assembly

   PART IVA - Local Government

   45A.    Elected municipal councils
   45B.    Certain laws not affected
   45C.    Municipal areas

   PART V - General Provisions

   46.     Religious freedom
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4

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