AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 11 of 1973
- Royal Assent 10 May 1973


           Long Title

   1.      Short title and commencement
   2.      Interpretation
   3.      Office of Director of Public Prosecutions
   4.      Appointment of Director
   5.      Tenure of office and terms and conditions of appointment of Director
   5A.     Salary of Director
   6.      Remuneration of Director
   7.      Leave of absence
   8.      Pension rights for former Director, &c.
   8A.     Superannuation
   8B.     Section 8B
   8C.     Section 8C
   9.      Vacation of office of Director
   9A.     Suspension from office of Director
   9B.     Minister to lay before each House of Parliament statement in
           relation to suspension
   9C.     House of Parliament may confirm or revoke suspension for misconduct
           or misbehaviour
   9D.     Governor may revoke or vary suspension of person from office of
   9E.     Request for revocation of appointment
   9F.     House of Parliament may revoke appointment or suspension
   9G.     Payment of person suspended from office
   10.     Section 10
   11.     Director not to engage in private practice, &c.
   12.     Functions of Director
   13.     Rights of State servant appointed as Director
   13A.    Deputy Director
   14.     Employees
   15.     Annual report
   16.     Regulations
   17.     Immunity from personal liability
   18.     References in other Acts to Crown Advocate
   19.     Non-application of amendments to section 8
   20.     Transitional superannuation provision
   21.     Application of amendments made by Law Officers (Miscellaneous
           Amendments) Act 2015

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