AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 23 of 1996
- Royal Assent 30 August 1996


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   3A.     Meaning of "close associate" of firearms dealer
   3B.     Meaning of "possession"
   4.      Possession of firearms
   5.      Purchase and sale under hire-purchase
   6.      Application of Act
   7.      Exemption to hold licence
   8.      Act binds Crown

   PART 2 - Licences Division 1 - Possession, use, purchase and

   9.      Possession or use of firearms
   10.     Acquiring firearms
   11.     Dealing in firearms
   12.     Exhibition of firearms
   13.     Possession of heirloom firearms
   13A.    Possession of ex-military firearms and ordnance

           Division 2 - Categories and authority of firearms licences

   14.     Category A firearms licence
   15.     Category B firearms licence
   16.     Category C firearms licence
   17.     Category D firearms licence
   18.     Category H firearms licence

           Division 3 - Other licences

   19.     Firearms dealer licence
   19A.    Firearms dealer employee licence
   20.     Firearms museum licence
   21.     Firearm heirlooms licence
   21A.    Militaria firearms licence

           Division 4 - General matters

   22.     Additional authority relating to possession
   23.     Additional authority relating to use
   24.     Purchase by unlicensed firearms dealer
   25.     Purchase and sale
   26.     Possession and use of firearm under licence
   27.     Information relating to safety
   27A.    Use of collection firearms on certain occasions
   27B.    Commissioner may require list of firearms in possession of licence
           holder to be provided

           Division 5 - Applications

   28.     Applications for licences
   29.     General restrictions on granting licence
   29A.    Restriction on granting firearms dealer licence
   29B.    Commissioner may seek further information
   30.     Restrictions on granting Category B firearms licence
   31.     Restrictions on granting Category C firearms licence
   32.     Restrictions on granting Category D firearms licence
   33.     Restrictions on granting Category H firearms licence
   34.     Restriction on granting firearm heirlooms licence
   35.     Granting licence
   35A.    Variation of conditions of licence
   36.     Refusal to grant licence

           Division 5A - Renewal of licences

   36A.    Renewal of licences
   36B.    Continuation of licence during consideration of application for
   36C.    General discretion of Commissioner to refuse to renew licence or to
           alter or vary conditions of licence
   36D.    Commissioner may alter or vary conditions on licence
   36E.    Review of a decision not to renew licence
   36F.    Disposal of firearms where licence not renewed

           Division 6 - Genuine reasons and requirements

   37.     Genuine reasons
   38.     Requirements relating to sport or target shooting
   39.     Requirements relating to recreational hunting or vermin control
   40.     Requirements relating to primary production
   41.     Requirements relating to animal population control
   42.     Requirements relating to animal welfare
   43.     Requirements relating to business or employment
   44.     Requirements relating to firearms collection

           Division 7 - General provisions relating to licences

   45.     Form of licence
   46.     General conditions of licence
   47.     Special conditions of certain licence
   48.     Compliance with conditions of licence
   49.     Period of licence
   50.     Licence not transferable
   51.     Cancellation of licence
   52.     Notice of cancellation
   53.     Suspension of licence
   54.     Surrender of licence and firearm
   55.     Licence not required in certain circumstances
   56.     Corresponding licence
   57.     Change in particulars of licence

   PART 3 - Permits Division 1 - Permits to acquire firearms

   58.     Application for permit to acquire firearm
   58A.    Application for permit to acquire prohibited pistol for prescribed
   59.     Application for permit
   60.     General restrictions on granting permits
   61.     Granting permit
   62.     Refusal to grant permit
   63.     Form of permit
   64.     Compliance with conditions of permit
   65.     Period of permit
   66.     Cancellation or suspension of permit
   67.     Surrender of permit

           Division 2 - Minor's permit

   68.     Application for minor's permit
   69.     Granting minor's permit
   70.     Authority of minor's permit
   71.     Form of minor's permit
   72.     Cancellation of minor's permit
   73.     Period of minor's permit
   73A.    Minor to act in accordance with permit

   PART 4 - Registration of Firearms Division 1 - Registration

   74.     Unregistered firearms
   75.     Application for registration
   76.     Restriction on registration
   77.     Refusal to register
   78.     Certificate of registration
   79.     Cancellation of registration

           Division 2 - Information requirement

   80.     Sale, loss or theft of firearm
   81.     Acquiring firearms

           Division 3 - Miscellaneous matters

   82.     Inspection of registered firearm
   83.     Register of firearms

   PART 5 - Safekeeping of Firearms

   84.     General requirements
   85.     Licence holder must comply with prescribed storage requirements
   86.     Section 86
   87.     Firearms dealer and museum licences requirement
   87A.    Militaria firearms licence requirements
   88.     Seizure of firearms if storage requirements not met

   PART 6 - Firearm Dealers Division 1 - Records and returns

   89.     Record of dealings
   90.     Production of information and firearms
   91.     Alteration to dealings record
   92.     Ceasing to hold licence
   93.     Quarterly returns
   93A.    Business management declarations

           Division 2 - Miscellaneous matters

   94.     Labelling
   95.     Loss, theft or destruction of firearm
   96.     Particulars relating to firearms
   96A.    Employment restrictions, &c.
   97.     Display
   98.     Repair
   99.     Safekeeping of records
   99A.    Licence to be cancelled in certain circumstances

   PART 6A - Paintball

   99B.    Interpretation of Part
   99C.    Application for registration as paintball operator
   99D.    Period of registration
   99E.    Suspension or cancellation of registration
   99F.    Paintball employment restrictions, &c.
   99G.    Authority to possess and use paintball firearms
   99H.    Paintball offences

   PART 7 - Offences Division 1 - Mailing, delivery or transporting

   100.    Mailing firearms and ammunition within State
   101.    Mailing firearms outside State
   102.    Delivery of firearms
   103.    Transport of firearms and ammunition
   104.    Conveying firearms and ammunition

           Division 2 - Sale and possession

   105.    Sale and possession of ammunition
   106.    Advertising sale of firearms
   106A.   Advertising sale of firearm receptacles
   107.    Possession of firearm parts
   107A.   Possession of stolen firearms
   108.    Inspection of firearms
   109.    Surrender of firearms by unauthorised persons
   110.    Unsafe firearms

           Division 2A - Trafficking

   110A.   Unlawful trafficking in firearms
   110B.   Extra-territorial application of anti-trafficking provisions

           Division 3 - Miscellaneous

   111.    Possession of loaded firearm in public place
   112.    Discharge of firearm in public place
   113.    Recklessly discharging firearm
   114.    Carrying firearm with criminal intent
   115.    Aggravated assault
   116.    Shortening firearm
   117.    Altering construction of firearms
   118.    Silencers and magazines
   119.    War games
   120.    Restrictions relating to alcohol and drugs
   120A.   Conspiracy to commit firearms offence in other jurisdiction
   121.    Pawning firearms
   122.    Production of licence and permit
   123.    Misuse of licences and permits
   124.    Defacing or altering identification marks
   125.    Altering or falsifying records
   126.    False or misleading statements
   127.    Offences by corporations
   128.    Obstruction of police
   129.    Amnesty

   PART 8 - Firearms Prohibition Orders

   130.    Firearms prohibition order
   131.    Revocation of firearms prohibition order
   132.    Effect of firearms prohibition order
   133.    Section 133

   PART 9 - Powers of Police

   133A.   Interpretation of Part
   134.    Handing over firearm
   135.    Search and arrest for offences
   136.    Records or documents seized under search warrants
   137.    Dangerous situations
   138.    Personal information
   139.    Firearms dealers premises
   140.    Arrest without warrant

   PART 10 - Reviews

   141.    Reviews
   142.    Section 142
   143.    Section 143
   144.    Section 144
   145.    Section 145

   PART 11 - Miscellaneous

   146.    Section 146
   147.    Inherited firearms
   148.    Disclosure of certain information
   149.    Disposal of surrendered or seized firearms
   150.    Liability of parent or guardian
   151.    Approved clubs, shooting galleries and ranges
   152.    Granting approval
   153.    Conditions of approval
   154.    Cancellation of approval
   155.    Exemptions
   156.    Delegation
   157.    Authorised persons
   157A.   Infringement notices
   158.    Evidence
   158A.   Medical practitioners to report firearm incidents
   158B.   Limitation on proceedings
   159.    Immunity from liability
   160.    Regulations in general
   161.    Regulations relating to specific matters
   162.    Regulations of savings and transitional nature
   163.    Repeal
   164.    Savings and transitional provisions
   165.    Administration of Act
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 1a
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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