AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 48 of 1985
- Royal Assent 23 May 1985


           Long Title

   PART I - Preliminary

   1.      1. Short title
   2.      2. Commencement
   3.      3. Interpretation
   3A.     3A. Meaning of "clearance and conversion"
   4.      4. Act binds the Crown

   PART 1A - Forest Practices Authority

   4AA.    4AA. Forest Practices Authority
   4A.     4A. Board of the Authority
   4AB.    4AB. Role of Board, &c.
   4B.     4B. Objective of Authority
   4C.     4C. Functions of Authority
   4D.     4D. Powers of Authority
   4DA.    4DA. Matters to which the Authority is to have regard
   4E.     4E. Annual assessment of forest practices system
   4F.     4F. 
   4G.     4G. Monitoring and enforcement of Act and Forest Practices Code
   4H.     4H. Committees
   4J.     4J. Chief forest practices officer
   4K.     4K. Role of chief forest practices officer
   4L.     4L. Staff

   PART 1B - Finances of Authority

   4M.     4M. Funds of Authority
   4N.     4N. Authorised deposit-taking institution accounts
   4P.     4P. Investment
   4Q.     4Q. Reserves
   4R.     4R. Borrowing from Treasurer
   4S.     4S. Borrowing from person other than Treasurer
   4T.     4T. Effect of Financial Agreement Act 1994

   PART 1C - Accounting records, financial statements and reports

   4U.     4U. Accounting records
   4V.     4V. 
   4W.     4W. 
   4X.     4X. Annual report
   4Y.     4Y. Tabling of annual report
   4Z.     4Z. State of the forests report
   4ZA.    4ZA. Forest practices report

   PART II - Private timber reserves

   5.      5. Application to have land declared as private timber reserve
   6.      6. Notice of application, &c.
   7.      7. Objections to declaration of land as private timber reserve
   8.      8. Grant or refusal of application for declaration of land as
           private timber reserve
   9.      9. Appeal in respect of application under section 5
   10.     10. Recommendation to Governor that land be declared as private
           timber reserve
   11.     11. Declaration of land as private timber reserve
   12.     12. Effect of declaration of land as private timber reserve
   13.     13. Revocation of private timber reserve at instigation of
   14.     14. Revocation of private timber reserve on application of owner
           of reserve
   15.     15. Registration of notice relating to private timber reserve
   16.     16. Compensation may be payable where application refused

   PART III - Plans Division 1 - Forest practices plans

   17.     17. Restrictions on harvesting timber, &c.
   18.     18. Application for certification of forest practices plan
   18A.    18A. Tags to be attached to tree ferns
   18B.    18B. Trading in tree ferns
   19.     19. Authority to certify or refuse to certify forest practices
   20.     20. Authority of certified forest practices plan
   21.     21. Contravention, &c., of certified forest practices plan
   22.     22. Variation of certified forest practices plan at instigation
           of Authority
   23.     23. Application for variation of certified forest practices plan
   24.     24. Grant or refusal of application for variation of certified
           forest practices plan
   24A.    24A. Revocation of certified forest practices plans
   25.     25. Appeal in respect of forest practices plan
   25A.    25A. Forest practices plan compliance reports
   25B.    25B. Forest practices plan progress reports
   25C.    25C. Appeal to Tribunal by person aggrieved by notice under
           section 25B
   26.     26. Non-application of other Acts to certified forest practices

           Division 2 - Three-year plans

   27.     27. Three-year plans
   28.     28. Power of Authority to call conference for purpose of varying
           three-year plan
   29.     29. Aggrieved person may appeal to Tribunal

   PART IV - Forest Practices Code

   30.     30. Issue of Forest Practices Code
   31.     31. Purpose, &c., of Forest Practices Code
   32.     32. Amendment, &c., of Forest Practices Code
   33.     33. Objection to amendment, &c., of Forest Practices Code

   PART V - Forest Practices Tribunal

   34.     34. Forest Practices Tribunal
   35.     35. Registry of the Forest Practices Tribunal
   36.     36. Procedure on receipt of an appeal
   37.     37. Procedure, &c., of Tribunal

   PART VA - Forest Practices Advisory Council

   37A.    37A. Forest Practices Advisory Council
   37B.    37B. Objective of Council
   37C.    37C. Functions of Council
   37CA.   37CA. Matters to which the Council is to have regard
   37D.    37D. Committees

   PART VI - Miscellaneous

   38.     38. Appointment of officers for purposes of Act
   39.     39. Forest practices officers
   39A.    39A. 
   40.     40. Powers, &c., of forest practices officers
   41.     41. Failure to comply with provisions of certified forest
           practices plan or Act
   42.     42. Appeal to Tribunal by person aggrieved by notice served
           under section 41(2)
   43.     43. Delegation by Authority
   44.     44. Costs and expenses of Act
   45.     45. False or misleading statements
   45A.    45A. Seal of Authority
   45B.    45B. Land Acquisition Act 1993 does not apply
   46.     46. Service of notices and other documents
   47.     47. Proceedings and prosecutions
   47A.    47A. Recovery of costs for loss or damage
   47B.    47B. Alternative to prosecution
   47C.    47C. Vicarious liability
   47D.    47D. Salvage of illegally harvested timber or native vegetation
   48.     48. Evidence
   49.     49. 
   50.     50. Regulations
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7

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