AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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23. Application for variation of certified forest practices plan

(1) A person who applied to the Authority under section 18 for the certification of a forest practices plan and who wishes to have the provisions of the plan varied after it has been certified by the Authority may make application to the Authority for a variation of the plan.
(2) An application under this section –

(a) shall be in writing in a form approved by the Authority;

(b) shall specify the manner in which the applicant requires the provisions of the certified forest practices plan to be varied;

(c) shall be accompanied by a memorandum in writing signed by the owner of the land referred to in the plan or, as the case may be, the holder of the forestry right conferred in respect of the land, stating that he or she has given approval for the application to be made to the Authority; and

(d) shall be accompanied by the fee (if any) prescribed in the regulations.

(3) An applicant under this section shall, if required by the Authority to do so, provide such further particulars in relation to the application as the Authority requires.

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