AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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Forest practices plan progress reports

(1)  This section applies if the Authority considers on reasonable grounds that it should not rely solely on reports under section 25A to monitor compliance with a forest practices plan.
(2)  The Authority, by notice in writing, may require the responsible person for the forest practices plan to give the Authority a progress report on the plan within such reasonable time, of not less than 21 days, as it specifies in the notice.
(3)  The Authority's power under subsection (2) is exercisable at any time in the period during which forest practices are authorised to be carried out under the forest practices plan.
(4)  The responsible person for the forest practices plan must comply with the notice under subsection (2) .

Penalty:  Fine not exceeding 10 penalty units.

(5)  The obligation referred to in subsection (4) is in addition to the reporting obligations referred to in section 25A .
(6)  In this section –
progress report means a report, in a form approved by the Authority, specifying whether or not a forest practices plan has been complied with up to a date or during a period, or as regards a matter, nominated by the Authority.

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