AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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44. Costs and expenses of Act

(1) The following costs and expenses incurred under this Act are to be paid out of money provided by Parliament for the purpose:

(a) the costs and expenses of carrying out an annual assessment and preparing a report under section 4E;

(b) the costs and expenses of preparing an annual report under section 4X;

(c) the costs and expenses of detecting and investigating contraventions of, or failures to comply with, this Act and the Forest Practices Code;

(d) the costs and expenses of making complaints and prosecuting offences under this Act;

(e) the amount of any compensation that is payable under section 16(3);

(f) the remuneration, and any allowances or benefits, payable to the chief forest practices officer;

(g) the costs and expenses of administrative and other services and facilities that are necessary for the effective exercise of the powers, and the effective performance of the duties, of the chief forest practices officer;

(h) such other costs and expenses as are incurred in the exercise of the Authority's powers or the performance of the Authority's functions in respect of land other than Crown land.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), any money not provided by Parliament which is at the Authority's disposal may be applied towards the payment of any of the costs and expenses referred to in that subsection.

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