AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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4Z. State of the forests report

(1) The Authority must, not later than 30 November 2002 and not later than 30 November in each fifth year thereafter, give the Minister a written report on the state of Tasmania's public and private forests.
(2) The Minister must cause a copy of each report prepared under subsection (1) to be laid on the table of each House of Parliament within 14 sitting days of that House after the report is received by the Minister.
(3) The Authority is to prepare a report under subsection (1) in cooperation and consultation with the following bodies:

(a) the Forestry corporation;

(b) Private Forests Tasmania;

(c) the responsible Department in relation to the Nature Conservation Act 2002;

(d) such other State authorities and Government departments as have statutory responsibilities in relation to forests or forested land.

(4) Consultations under subsection (3) are to be conducted with a view to the parties reaching agreement on the information that is to be included in the report and the arrangements for providing the Authority with that information.

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