AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 38 of 2007
- Royal Assent 24 October 2007


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Application of Act
   5.      Objects of Act
   6.      Act binds Crown

   PART 2 - Authorised Officers

   7.      Power of Director to appoint authorised officers
   8.      Power of councils to appoint employees as authorised officers
   8A.     Ex-officio authorised officers

   PART 3 - Prohibition of Littering Division 1 - Littering

   9.      Littering offences

           Division 2 - Unsolicited documents and advertising material

   10.     Meaning of “unsolicited document”
   11.     Unsolicited documents must be put in mailboxes, &c.
   12.     Leaflets, &c., not to be placed on vehicles or vessels
   13.     Bill-posting without consent
   14.     Advertiser must disclose name of distributor
   15.     Distributor must disclose name of depositor
   16.     Duty of person authorising or arranging for unsolicited document

           Division 3 - Infringement notices

   17.     Infringement notice
   18.     Claiming statutory exception to liability of registered operator or
   19.     Section 19
   20.     Section 20
   21.     Section 21
   22.     Section 22
   23.     Section 23

           Division 4 - Onus of registered operators and owners

   24.     Onus of registered operator in respect of motor vehicle or trailer
   24A.    Onus of registered owner in respect of vessel
   25.     Proceedings in respect of registered operator or owner onus liability
   26.     Evidentiary effect of statutory declaration in proceedings against
           another person
   27.     More than one person registered as operator of motor vehicle or
   28.     More than one person registered as owner of vessel
   29.     Bodies corporate and joint registered operators and owners
   30.     Exceptions to liability of registered operators and owners
   31.     Section 31

           Division 5 - Removal and prevention of litter

   32.     Special authority for authorised officers in reserved lands
   33.     Duty of litterer to remove litter
   34.     Court may order removal of litter
   35.     Litter abatement notices
   36.     Form of litter abatement notices
   37.     Amendment or revocation of litter abatement notices
   38.     Recovery of costs arising from litter abatement notices

           Division 6 - Reporting of offences by public

   39.     Reports of offences
   40.     False or misleading statements

   PART 4 - Powers of Authorised Officers

   41.     Powers of authorised officers
   42.     Obstruction of authorised officers
   43.     Names and addresses of offenders
   44.     Powers of police officers
   45.     Direction by police officers in connection with offences
   46.     Facilitation of proof of certain matters concerning motor vehicles
           and trailers
   46A.    Facilitation of proof of certain matters concerning vessels
   47.     Evidence of identity and authority

   PART 5 - Litter Management Fund

   48.     Litter Management Fund

   PART 6 - Miscellaneous and Supplemental

   49.     Protection from liability
   50.     Delegation of functions, &c., by Director
   50A.    Exemptions
   51.     Evidentiary provision
   51A.    Time for instituting proceedings
   52.     Regulations
   53.     Administration of Act
   53A.    2010 transitional provisions
   54.     Section 54
   55.     Legislation repealed
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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