AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 63 of 2002
- Royal Assent 19 December 2002


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Act binds Crown
   5.      Compliance with resource management and planning system objectives

   PART 2 - Administration

   6.      Functions of the Secretary
   7.      Arrangements in respect of National Parks and Reserves Management Act
   8.      Rangers
   9.      Special advisory committees

   PART 3 - Reservation and Acquisition of Land

   10.     Secretary to consult with Director
   11.     Declaration of Crown land as reserved land
   12.     Declaration of private land as reserved land
   13.     Declaration of land vested in public authority as reserved land
   14.     Land acquired by Governor as reserved land
   15.     Lease of reserved land
   16.     Classes of reserved land
   17.     Alteration of class of reserved land
   18.     Parliamentary approval required for certain draft proclamations
   19.     Naming of reserved land
   20.     Prohibition of certain names except in reference to reserved land
   21.     Revocation of reservations
   22.     Registration of proclamation relating to private sanctuary or private
           nature reserve
   23.     Lands subject to trusts
   24.     Supplementary provisions as to acquisition of land, &c.
   25.     Management agreement for private land

   PART 4 - Conservation of Fauna and Flora

   26.     Wildlife regulations as to fauna
   27.     Wildlife regulations as to flora
   28.     Supplementary provisions as to wildlife regulations
   29.     Special permits to take wildlife
   30.     Open seasons for partly protected wildlife
   31.     Saving for rights of landowners, &c.
   32.     Prohibition on introduction, &c., of certain animals
   32A.    Amendment of Schedules in Wildlife (General) Regulations 2010

   PART 5 - Conservation Covenants Division 1 - Interpretation of Part

   33.     Interpretation of Part

           Division 2 - Conservation covenants generally

   34.     Minister may enter into conservation covenants
   35.     Variation and discharge of conservation covenants
   36.     Form of conservation covenants
   37.     Registration of conservation covenants
   38.     Covenants come into force on registration

           Division 3 - Covenants arising from refused private timber reserve

   39.     Covenants for protection of natural or cultural values

           Division 4 - Covenants arising from forest practices plan

   40.     Covenants with affected owners
   41.     Affected owner entitled to apply for compensation
   41A.    Restrictions on entitlement to compensation
   42.     Assessment of compensation
   43.     Payment of compensation
   44.     Effect of failure to pay compensation

           Division 5 - Provisions of general application

   45.     Power to inspect land subject to conservation covenant
   46.     Offence to contravene conservation covenant
   47.     Service of applications, &c.

   PART 6 - Provisions Relating to Enforcement

   48.     Interpretation of "found offending"
   49.     Power to require offenders to disclose identity and leave land
   50.     Production of licences, &c.
   51.     Powers and functions of seizure
   52.     Powers of entry and search
   53.     Powers of arrest
   54.     Commencing proceedings
   55.     Penalty
   56.     Production and cancellation of licences, &c., in offence
   57.     Cancellation of firearms licence
   58.     Contravention of order under section 56(3)
   59.     Forfeiture of articles, &c., on conviction
   60.     Compensation on conviction for offences
   61.     Protection of authorised officers

   PART 7 - Infringement Notices

   62.     Infringement notices
   63.     Payments into Public Account
   64.     Section 64
   65.     Section 65
   66.     Section 66
   67.     Section 67
   68.     Regulations for this Part

   PART 8 - Miscellaneous

   69.     Capacity, &c., to consent
   70.     Assistance to officers
   71.     Compensation for injury or death occurring in the course of official
           duty, &c.
   72.     Gifts for conservation purposes
   73.     Aboriginal cultural activities on Aboriginal land
   74.     Expenses of Act
   75.     Delegation by Minister
   76.     Regulations
   76A.    Amendment of Schedule 3A
   77.     Savings and transitional provisions
   78.     Administration of Act
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 3a
           SCHEDULE 4

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