AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Acts

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- Act 15 of 2015
- Royal Assent 29 May 2015


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement

   PART 2 - Tasmanian Qualifications Authority Act 2003 Amended

   3.      Principal Act
   4.      Long title amended
   5.      Section 1 amended (Short title)
   6.      Section 3 amended (Interpretation)
   7.      Part 2: Heading amended
   8.      Part 2, Division 1: Heading amended
   9.      Section 7 amended (Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and
   10.     Section 8 substituted
   11.     Section 9 amended (Objectives of Office)
   12.     Section 10 substituted
   13.     Section 11 amended (Powers of Office)
   14.     Section 12 amended (Delegation)
   15.     Section 13 amended (Ministerial directions)
   16.     Section 14 amended (Independence of Office)
   17.     Part 2, Division 2 repealed
   18.     Part 2, Division 3: Heading amended
   19.     Sections 16 , 17 and 18 substituted
   20.     Section 19 amended (Authorised officers)
   21.     Section 20 amended (Committees)
   22.     Section 22 amended (Authorised deposit-taking institution accounts)
   23.     Section 23 amended (Accounting records)
   24.     Section 24 substituted
   25.     Part 3, Division 1 inserted
   26.     Part 3, Division 1: Heading amended
   27.     Section 25 amended (Application for accreditation of senior secondary
   28.     Section 26 amended (Accreditation of senior secondary course)
   29.     Section 27 amended (Term of accreditation of accredited senior
           secondary course)
   30.     Section 28 substituted
   31.     Section 29 amended (Cancellation of accreditation as accredited senior
           secondary course)
   32.     Section 31 amended (Assessment of accredited senior secondary courses)
   33.     Section 32 amended (Conferral or issue of approved qualification)
   34.     Section 33 amended (Standards for provision and assessment of
           accredited senior secondary courses)
   35.     Section 33A amended (Examination or assessment of senior secondary
   36.     Section 33B amended (Senior secondary education qualification)
   37.     Section 33C amended (Standards and qualifications for senior secondary
   38.     Section 33D amended (Application for registration of student exchange
   39.     Section 33E amended (Registration as registered student exchange
   40.     Section 33F amended (Registration (student exchange organisation)
   41.     Section 33I amended (Amendment of registration)
   42.     Section 33J amended (Renewal of registration)
   43.     Section 33L amended (Guidelines)
   44.     Section 33M amended (Direction to registered student exchange
   45.     Section 33N amended (Cancellation or suspension of registration)
   46.     Section 35 amended (Application for accreditation of course)
   47.     Section 36 amended (Accreditation of higher education course)
   48.     Section 37 amended (Term of accreditation of accredited higher
           education course)
   49.     Section 38 amended (Accredited higher education course subject to
   50.     Section 40 amended (Cancellation of accreditation as accredited higher
           education course)
   51.     Section 42 amended (Application for registration)
   52.     Section 43 amended (Registration as registered higher education
   53.     Section 44 amended (Registration subject to conditions)
   54.     Section 45 amended (Registration certificate)
   55.     Section 48 amended (Amendment of registration)
   56.     Section 49 amended (Renewal of registration)
   57.     Section 51 amended (Direction to registered higher education provider)
   58.     Section 52 amended (Cancellation or suspension of registration)
   59.     Section 55A amended (Application for approval)
   60.     Section 55B amended (Approval as approved overseas higher education
   61.     Section 55C amended (Approval subject to conditions)
   62.     Section 55D amended (Approval certificate)
   63.     Section 55G amended (Amendment of approval)
   64.     Section 55H amended (Renewal of approval)
   65.     Section 55J amended (Direction to approved overseas higher education
   66.     Section 55K amended (Cancellation of approval of higher education
   67.     Section 55L amended (Cancellation or suspension of approval of
           approved overseas higher education provider)
   68.     Section 55N amended (Application to be self-accrediting higher
           education provider)
   69.     Section 55O amended (Grant of status of self-accrediting higher
           education provider)
   70.     Section 55P amended (Grant of status subject to conditions)
   71.     Section 55Q amended (Certificate of self-accrediting status)
   72.     Section 55T amended (Amendment of grant of status)
   73.     Section 55U amended (Renewal of grant of status)
   74.     Section 55W amended (Direction to self-accrediting higher education
   75.     Section 55X amended (Cancellation or suspension of grant of status)
   76.     Section 55ZG amended (Offences relating to use of "university",
   77.     Section 55ZH amended (Application for accreditation of other education
   78.     Section 55ZI amended (Accreditation of other education course)
   79.     Section 55ZJ amended (Term of accreditation of other education
   80.     Section 55ZL amended (Cancellation of accreditation as accredited
           other education course)
   81.     Section 55ZN amended (Standards for provision and assessment of
           accredited other education courses)
   82.     Section 55ZP amended (Examination or assessment of other education)
   83.     Section 55ZQ amended (Other education qualification)
   84.     Section 55ZR amended (Standards and qualifications for other
   85.     Section 55ZT amended (Application for accreditation of education
   86.     Section 55ZU amended (Accreditation of education program)
   87.     Section 55ZV amended (Term of accreditation of accredited education
   88.     Section 55ZW amended (Accredited education program subject to
   89.     Section 55ZY amended (Cancellation of accreditation as accredited
           education program)
   90.     Section 55ZZ amended (Application for registration)
   91.     Section 55ZZA amended (Registration as registered education (overseas
           students) provider)
   92.     Section 55ZZB amended (Registration subject to conditions)
   93.     Section 55ZZC amended (Registration (overseas students) certificate)
   94.     Section 55ZZF amended (Amendment of registration)
   95.     Section 55ZZG amended (Renewal of registration)
   96.     Section 55ZZI amended (Direction to registered education (overseas
           students) provider)
   97.     Section 55ZZJ amended (Cancellation or suspension of registration)
   98.     Section 55ZZL amended (Application for recognition of other
   99.     Section 55ZZM amended (Recognition of other qualification)
   100.    Section 55ZZN amended (Cancellation of recognition)
   101.    Section 55ZZO amended (Application for recommendation for establishment
           of new university)
   102.    Section 55ZZP amended (Initial assessment of application)
   103.    Section 55ZZQ amended (Investigation of application)
   104.    Part 4D, Division 3: Heading amended
   105.    Section 55ZZR amended (Recommendation of Office)
   106.    Section 56 amended (Investigations)
   107.    Section 57 amended (Inspections)
   108.    Section 58 amended (Documents)
   109.    Section 59 amended (Use of document or information obtained)
   110.    Section 60 amended (Review of decisions)
   111.    Section 61 amended (Registers)
   112.    Section 62 amended (Manner of keeping registers)
   113.    Section 63 amended (Access to registers)
   114.    Section 64 amended (Rules)
   115.    Section 64A amended (Consolidated statements of qualifications)
   116.    Section 64B amended (Providing information to authorities, &c.,
           under corresponding laws)
   117.    Section 64C amended (Registered training organisations to provide
           information to Office)
   118.    Section 65 amended (Offences relating to exercise of powers by
           Office or authorised officer)
   119.    Section 67 amended ( Land Acquisition Act 1993 does not apply)
   120.    Section 68 amended (Judicial notice of certain signatures)
   121.    Section 69 amended (Presumptions)
   122.    Section 70 amended (Evidentiary matters)
   123.    Section 71 amended (Service of documents)
   124.    Section 72 amended (Regulations)
   125.    Section 73A substituted
   126.    Schedules 1 and 2 repealed
   127.    Schedule 3 amended (Savings and Transitional Provisions)

   PART 3 - Education and Training (Tasmanian Academy) Act 2008 Amended

   128.    Principal Act
   129.    Section 4 amended (Interpretation)

   PART 4 - Vocational Education and Training (Commonwealth Powers) Act
   2011 Amended

   130.    Principal Act
   131.    Section 11 amended (Provision of information and assistance to
           National VET Regulator)

   PART 5 - Youth Participation in Education and Training (Guaranteeing
   Futures) Act 2005 Amended

   132.    Principal Act
   133.    Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
   134.    Section 7 amended (Eligible options)
   135.    Section 18 amended (Application for dispensation)
   136.    Section 23 amended (Notice about decision to Office of Tasmanian
           Assessment, Standards and Certification)
   137.    Section 27 amended (Notice of review, &c., to Office of
           Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification)
   138.    Section 29 amended (Opening participation record)
   139.    Section 31 amended (Obligation to open an account)
   140.    Section 32 amended (Use and disclosure of information by Office of
           Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification)
   141.    Section 34 amended (Overseas students)
   142.    Section 44 amended (Aggregated information)
   143.    Section 45 amended (Confidentiality)

   PART 6 - Miscellaneous

   144.    Repeal of Act

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