AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Acts

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VALUATION OF LAND ACT 2001 (NO. 102 OF 2001)

- Act 102 of 2001
- Royal Assent 17 December 2001


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Act binds Crown

   PART 2 - Administration

   5.      Valuer-General
   6.      Deputy Valuer-General and other officers
   7.      Qualifications of Valuer-General, &c.
   8.      Secrecy

   PART 3 - Tender Committee

   9.      Appointment of tender committee
   10.     Functions of tender committee

   PART 4 - Valuations and Valuation Rolls

   11.     Duty of Valuer-General to make valuations
   12.     Total values of interests where there are more owners than one
   13.     Value of interest of lessor or mesne lessee in capital value of
   14.     Value of interest of lessee in capital value of land
   15.     Value of interest of lessor or lessee in land value of land
   16.     Adjoining lands: How valued
   17.     Lands which do not adjoin: How valued
   18.     Lands to be separately valued in certain cases
   19.     Special provisions as to valuation of mines
   20.     Fresh valuations: When made
   21.     Supplementary valuations
   22.     Effect of contract for valuation services
   23.     Returns by owners
   24.     Valuation rolls
   25.     Effective date of valuations
   26.     Sale of valuations

   PART 5 - Notices and objections

   27.     Notice of valuation
   28.     Objection to valuation
   29.     Grounds on which objections may be made
   30.     Consideration of objections by Valuer-General

   PART 6 - Arbitration of valuations within municipal areas

   31.     Arbitrators for municipal revaluations
   32.     Costs
   33.     Saving for other dispute resolution

   PART 7 - Land Valuation Court

   34.     Constitution of court
   35.     Sittings and jurisdiction of court
   36.     Proceedings to be in open court
   37.     Appearance by counsel, &c.
   38.     Court lists to be prepared: Hearing of objections
   39.     Record of decisions of court

   PART 8 - Powers of Supreme Court

   40.     Appeals to Supreme Court
   41.     References to Supreme Court
   42.     Removal of appeals into Supreme Court

   PART 9 - Use of Valuations

   43.     Values determined under this Act to be values for purposes of other
   44.     New valuation on application of owner, &c.
   45.     Valuation lists
   46.     Cost recovery
   47.     No alterations to be made to valuation lists except with
           Valuer-General's consent
   48.     Valuation lists to constitute assessment rolls, &c.
   49.     Use of valuations under this Act for taxes and rates
   50.     Rating authority may make interim assessments

   PART 10 - Miscellaneous

   51.     Valuations for Agencies, &c.
   52.     Evidence of valuations
   53.     Supply of information to Commonwealth
   54.     Certificates of valuation to be evidence of matters specified
   55.     Notice of sale, &c., of land
   56.     Notice of sale, &c., of growing trees
   57.     Power of Valuer-General to require returns to be furnished
   58.     Entry on land
   59.     Service of notices, &c.
   60.     Offences and penalties
   61.     Right of Valuer-General to appear or be represented in proceedings
   62.     Rules of court may provide for practice and procedure
   63.     Regulations
   64.     Administration of Act
   65.     Postponement of rescission of Land Valuation Regulations 1972
   66.     Repeal of Land Valuation Act 1971, &c., and savings
   67.     Consequential amendments
   68.     Formal amendments relating to Valuation of Land Act 2001
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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