AustLII Tasmanian Numbered Regulations

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ROAD AMENDMENT RULES (NO. 2) 2014 (S.R. 2014, NO. 136) - REG 6

Rule 75A inserted

After rule 75 of the Principal Rules , the following rule is inserted in Division 3:

75A.     Avoiding off-road collisions and dangers

(1)  If 2 or more drivers are converging on the same place at such speed and in such manner that there is a reasonable likelihood that their vehicles would collide or create a dangerous situation if the drivers were to proceed to that place at that speed and in that manner, a driver having a converging vehicle on his or her right must give way to that vehicle.
Penalty:  Fine not exceeding 10 penalty units.
(2)  This rule applies only in a road-related area and does not apply to trams.

Note : Give way is defined in the dictionary, road-related area is defined in rule 13.

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