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    (1)     The Governor in Council may make regulations for or with respect to—

        (a)     prescribing standards for the conduct of assessments and the preparation of cultural heritage management plans under this Act;

S. 194(1)(b) substituted by No. 11/2016 s. 132.

        (b)     prescribing fees for evaluating, approving and amending cultural heritage management plans, applications for cultural heritage permits and applications for the certification of preliminary Aboriginal heritage tests;

S. 194(1)(ba) inserted by No. 11/2016 s. 132.

        (ba)     prescribing fees to be charged by the Secretary, including fees in relation to allowing access to and maintaining the Register;

S. 194(1)(bb) inserted by No. 11/2016 s. 132.

        (bb)     prescribing standards for the purposes of Aboriginal cultural heritage land management agreements;

        (c)     generally any other matter or thing that is authorised or required to be prescribed or necessary to be prescribed to carry out this Act.

    (2)     The regulations—

        (a)     may be of general or of specially limited application; and

        (b)     may differ according to differences in time, place or circumstance; and

        (c)     may require a matter affected by the regulations to be—

              (i)     in accordance with a specified standard or specified requirement; or

              (ii)     approved by or to the satisfaction of a specified person or a specified class of person; or

              (iii)     as specified in both subparagraphs (i) and (ii); and

        (d)     may apply, adopt or incorporate any matter contained in any document whether—

              (i)     wholly or partially or as amended by the regulations; or

              (ii)     as in force at a particular time or as in force from time to time; and

        (e)     may confer a discretionary authority or impose a duty on a specified person or a specified class of person; and

        (f)     may provide in a specified case or class of case for the exemption of activities or operations from all or any of the provisions of this Act, whether unconditionally or on specified conditions, and either wholly or to such an extent as is specified; and

        (g)     may be expressed as requiring the achievement of a specified object in relation to any particular subject matter.

Part 13—Repeal, saving and transitional provisions and amendment of Acts

S. 195 repealed by No. 29/2011 s. 3(Sch. 1 item 1).

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