Victorian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Definitions  
   3.      Registers of residents to be prepared  
   4.      Register to be exhibited  
   5.      Minister to consider objections and revise register  
   6.      Publication of revised register  
   7.      Day to be fixed  
   8.      Trusts to be constituted and reservations of reserves revoked  
   9.      Governor in Council to make Crown grants of reserves to Trusts  
   10.     Nature of Trusts  
   11.     Powers of Trusts  
   11A.    Forms of contracts  
   12.     Provisions concerning shares in Trusts  
   13.     Entries in register of members  
   14.     Restriction on transfer of shares  
   15.     Committee of management  
   16.     Committee to act on behalf of Trust  
   17.     Seal  
   18.     Accounts  
   18A.    Financial reports  
   18B.    Report of state of affairs of Trust  
   18C.    Accounts to be laid before annual general meeting of Trust  
   18D.    Interim financial report  
   18E.    Report of economic and social wellbeing of community of residents  
   19.     Appointment of auditor  
   19A.    Audit  
   20.     Valuation of shares  
   21.     Dividends  
   22.     General meetings  
   23.     Procedure at general meetings  
   23A.    Minister may require Trust to comply with Act  
   23B.    Appointment of Administrator  
   23C.    Conditions of appointment of Administrator  
   23D.    Appointment of new Administrator in certain cases  
   23E.    Notice of appointment  
   23F.    Effect of appointment of Administrator  
   23G.    Administrator to establish advisory committee  
   23H.    Functions and powers of Administrator  
   23I.    Restriction on powers of Administrator  
   23J.    Immunity  
   23K.    Report to Minister  
   23L.    Committee of management elected at end of period of administration  
   23M.    Constitution of board  
   23N.    Chairperson  
   23O.    Meetings of a board  
   23P.    Procedures of a board  
   23Q.    Resignation or removal of member of board from office  
   23R.    Abolition of board  
   23S.    Trust must give Minister certain reports  
   23T.    Other information to be provided to Minister  
   24AA.   Minister to keep records  
   24.     Service on Trust  
   24A.    Access to designated places within Lake Tyers reserve  
   24B.    Survey plan of Lake Tyers reserve roads  
   24C.    Lake Tyers reserve roads to be public roads  
   24D.    Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust is not liable as an occupier in relation to Lake Tyers reserve roads  
   24E.    Partial abrogation of ratione tenure rule for the Lake Tyers reserve roads  
   25.     Offences  
   27.     Court may grant relief to persons aggrieved in certain circumstances  

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