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Powers, functions, duties and consultation requirements

    (1)     The Authority has the following functions—

        (a)     to administer the registration system under this Act;

S. 100(1)(ab) inserted by No. 6/2016 s. 33.

        (ab)     to keep the Central Register;

S. 100(1)(ac) inserted by No. 6/2016 s. 33.

        (ac)     to keep the Voluntary Register;

        (b)     to undertake public education about treatment procedures and the best interests of children born as a result of treatment procedures;

        (c)     to undertake community consultation about matters relevant to this Act;

S. 100(1)(ca) inserted by No. 58/2014 s. 22.

        (ca)     to provide counselling and support services in relation to matters relating to persons born as a result of donor treatment procedures;

        (d)     to monitor—

              (i)     programs and activities carried out under this Act; and

              (ii)     programs and activities carried out relating to the causes and prevention of infertility; and

              (iii)     programs and procedures relating to treatment procedures carried out outside Victoria;

        (e)     to keep under regular review and, if it thinks fit, to make recommendations to the Minister about its functions, operation or composition;

        (f)     to promote research into the causes and prevention of infertility;

        (g)     to approve the bringing of donor gametes or an embryo formed from donor gametes into or the taking of them from Victoria, and to provide for the exemption from particular provisions of this Act in accordance with section 37;

        (h)     any other functions conferred on the Authority by or under this or any other Act.

    (2)     The Authority must, without delay, advise the Minister of any of the following matters that come to its notice—

        (a)     a contravention of this Act or the regulations;

        (b)     a contravention of a registered ART provider's registration;

        (c)     a development in relation to the following, whether in Victoria or elsewhere, that the Authority considers of major importance or views with concern—

              (i)     research relating to infertility;

              (ii)     treatment for infertility.

    (3)     The Authority has all the powers necessary to enable it to perform its functions.

    (4)     The Authority must have regard to the Minister's advice in carrying out its functions and exercising its powers.

S. 100A inserted by No. 6/2016 s. 34 (as amended by No. 22/2016 s. 162).

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