Victorian Current Acts

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    The Governor in Council may make regulations for or with respect to any of the following—

        (a)     forms for notices or other documents required under this Act;

        (b)     fees for the purposes of this Act;

        (c)     the conditions to be included in registrations;

        (d)     counselling required by this Act, including the matters it must address and the form it must take;

        (e)     surrogacy arrangements, including matters to be considered in deciding the emotional maturity and health of proposed surrogate mothers and other parties to the arrangements, the tests that parties to surrogacy arrangements may be required to undertake before an arrangement may be approved and the payments that may be made to surrogate mothers;

        (f)     the keeping of records and registers for the purposes of this Act, including the Central Register and the Voluntary Register.

        (g)     the giving of information by registered ART providers and doctors to the Registrar, the Patient Review Panel and the Authority;

        (h)     the disclosure of information from the Central Registrar, Voluntary Register and other registers and records kept under this Act;

              (i)     matters relating to consents under this Act, including the persons with whom or places at which consents or withdrawals of consents under this Act are to be given;

        (j)     the disposal of embryos removed from storage;

        (k)     requirements regarding     the transfer of information relating to gametes or embryos that has been or is to be transferred from one place to another place;

        (l)     penalties, not exceeding 20 penalty units, for contraventions of the regulations;

        (m)     generally prescribing any matter or thing required or permitted by this Act to be prescribed or necessary to be prescribed to give effect to this Act.

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