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Exemption from Freedom of Information Act 1982

    (1)     For the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 , a document is an exempt document if—

        (a)     it contains information (whether or not that information is kept in a register under this Part) about or provided by a person as—

              (i)     a donor; or

              (ii)     a woman on whom a treatment procedure is being or has been carried out or on whom a treatment procedure may be carried out; or

              (iii)     a person who is or has been the partner of a woman referred to in paragraph (ii); or

              (iv)     a person who was born as a result of a treatment procedure; or

        (b)     it is the Central Register or part of the Central Register.

    (2)     Despite subsection (1), a document is not an exempt document under subsection (1)(a)—

        (a)     to the extent that it only contains information—

              (i)     about or provided by the applicant and no other person; or

              (ii)     about or provided by one person only and the applicant is that person's guardian; or

        (b)     in the prescribed circumstances and to the extent the document does not contain identifying information.

Pt 6A (Heading and ss 68A68E) inserted by No. 58/2014 s. 16.

Part 6A—Access to certain kinds of medical information

S. 68A inserted by No. 58/2014 s. 16.

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