Victorian Current Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title and commencement  
   1A.     Purpose  
   1B.     Guiding principles  
   2.      Repeals and savings  
   3.      Definitions  
   3AAAA.  Meaning of vulnerable adult  
   3AAA.   Surrounding circumstances  
   3AA.    Offence that is both a Schedule 1 and a Schedule 2 offence  
   3AAB.   Meaning of terrorism record  
   3AAC.   Meaning of terrorism risk information  
   3A.     Determination in relation to an Aboriginal person  
   3B.     Determination in relation to a child  
   3C.     Determination in relation to a person of or over the age of 18 years in a remand centre  
   3D.     Flow charts  


   4.      Entitlement to bail  
   4AA.    When 2 step tests apply  
   4A.     Step 1—exceptional circumstances test  
   4C.     Step 1—show compelling reason test  
   4D.     Step 2—unacceptable risk test  
   4E.     All offences—unacceptable risk test  
   5.      Bail undertaking  
   5AAAA.  Family violence risks  
   5AAA.   Conduct conditions  
   5AAB.   Sureties  
   5AA.    Conditions of bail granted to a child in certain circumstances  
   5A.     Power to return accused to youth justice centre  
   7.      Opposing bail  
   8.      Application for bail  
   8AA.    Court to make preliminary determination if terrorism risk alleged  
   8A.     Refusal of bail—any offence—insufficient information  
   8B.     Refusal of bail—offence involving serious injury—uncertainty as to death or recovery  
   9.      Surety for bail  
   10.     Power of police officer, sheriff or authorised person to grant or refuse bail  
   10AA.   Police remand  
   10A.    Power of bail justice to grant or refuse bail  
   10B.    Informant must bring person to court if bail justice prohibited from granting bail  
   11.     Cash deposit as security for penalty  
   12.     Power of court to grant or refuse bail  
   12A.    When bail decision maker must state reasons for granting bail  
   12B.    Persons subject to a summons to answer to a charge  
   13.     Treason, murder, certain other offences  
   13AA.   Accused with terrorism record  
   13A.    Accused on 2 or more undertakings of bail  
   16.     Extension of bail  
   16A.    Written notice of extension of bail  
   16B.    Capacity of child to enter into undertaking  
   17.     Written notice of conditions of bail  
   17A.    Electronic signature of undertaking by accused  
   17B.    Electronic signature of undertaking by child accused's parent or some other person  


   18.     Further application for bail where bail refused or revoked  
   18AA.   Certain circumstances required before application may be heard  
   18AB.   Hearing and determination of further application for bail  
   18AC.   Application for variation of bail conditions  
   18AD.   Determination of application for variation of the amount of bail or bail conditions  
   18AE.   Application for revocation of bail  
   18AF.   Determination of application for revocation of bail  
   18AG.   Appeal against refusal to revoke bail  
   18AH.   Preservation of the right of application or appeal to the Supreme Court or County Court  
   18AI.   Notice of application for variation to be given to sureties  
   18AJ.   Surety entitled to attend on application for variation  
   18AK.   Notice of application to be given to informant and either DPP or prosecutor  


   18A.    Appeal by Director of Public Prosecutions against insufficiency of bail etc.  


   19.     Arrest on another charge not to vacate bail  
   20.     Death of surety  
   21.     Abolition of right of a surety to apprehend a principal  
   23.     Surety may apply for discharge  
   24.     Arrest of person released on bail  
   25.     Arrest for imposing additional conditions  
   26.     Arrest where bail insufficient  
   27.     Admission to bail  
   28.     One undertaking may be entered in respect of number of charges  
   30.     Failure to answer bail  
   30A.    Offence to contravene certain conduct conditions  
   30B.    Offence to commit indictable offence whilst on bail  
   31.     Indemnifying surety  
   32.     Deposit forfeited on failure to attend  
   32A.    Infringement notices and infringement penalties  
   32B.    Appearing or being brought before a court in a proceeding other than a criminal proceeding  
   33.     Regulations  
   34.      Transitional provisions  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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