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BAIL ACT 1977 - SECT 27

Admission to bail

S. 27(1) amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 8.5).

    (1)     Where the conditions of an undertaking have been fixed the undertaking need not be entered into before the court granting the bail but may be entered into by the parties before any other court or before a bail justice or a court official or before a police officer of or above the rank of sergeant or for the time being in charge of a police station or, where any of the parties is in prison, before the governor of the prison or any prison officer thereat of or above the rank of senior prison officer and thereupon all the consequences of law shall ensue as if the undertaking had been entered into before the court granting the bail.

S. 27(2) inserted by No. 84/1997
s. 9(2).

    (2)     In this section, "court official" means—

        (a)     in the case of the Supreme Court, the prothonotary or a deputy prothonotary;

        (b)     in the case of the County Court, the registrar or a deputy registrar;

        (c)     in the case of the Magistrates' Court, a registrar or deputy registrar;

S. 27(2)(d) inserted by No. 32/2006 s. 91(4), substituted by No. 47/2014 s. 251.

        (d)     in the case of an enforcement warrant within the meaning of the Fines Reform Act 2014 , the sheriff or a person authorised under section 115(5) of that Act.

Example to s. 27 inserted by No. 64/2017 s. 28.


See also sections 9A(1A) and 9CA of the Corrections Act 1986 as to persons who may exercise the powers of a police officer under section 27 of this Act.

No. 8731 s. 24.

S. 28 amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. items 11.1, 11.31).

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