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Tenure of office

    (1)     Subject to this section, the Auditor-General—

        (a)     holds office for 7 years; and

        (b)     is eligible for re-appointment.

    (2)     The Governor in Council may suspend the Auditor-General from office at any time when the Parliament is not in session.

    (3)     If the Auditor-General is suspended from office, the Minister must cause to be laid before each House of the Parliament a full statement of the grounds of the suspension within 7 sitting days of that House after the suspension.

    (4)     The Governor in Council must remove the suspension and restore the Auditor-General to office unless each House of the Parliament, within 20 sitting days after the statement is laid before it, passes an address praying for his or her removal from office.

    (5)     The Auditor-General ceases to hold office if he or she—

        (a)     is removed from office on the presentation of an address of both Houses of the Parliament praying for his or her removal from office; or

        (b)     is suspended from office under subsection (2) and is not restored to office; or

        (c)     becomes an insolvent under administration; or

        (d)     nominates for election for either House of the Parliament of Victoria or for the Parliament of the Commonwealth or of another State or of a Territory; or

        (e)     delivers to the Governor in Council a signed letter of resignation.

    (6)     The Auditor-General is not to be suspended or removed from office except in accordance with this section.

Pt VA (Heading and ss 94E94H) inserted by No. 2/2003 s. 19.

Part VA—Special provisions

S. 94E inserted by No. 2/2003 s. 19.

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