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Restraint of greyhounds

S. 27(1) amended by No. 65/2007 s. 11(2).

    (1)     If a greyhound is outside the premises of its owner and is not—

        (a)     muzzled in a manner which is sufficient to prevent it causing injury by biting; and

        (b)     under the effective control of some person by means of a chain, cord or leash—

the owner of that greyhound and any person for the time being in charge of the greyhound are each guilty of an offence and liable to a penalty of not more than 3 penalty units for a first offence and 5 penalty units for a second or subsequent offence.

    (2)     For the purposes of subsection (1)(b) control by one person of more than 4 greyhounds at the one time is not "effective control".

    (3)     Subsection (1) does not apply to—

        (a)     a greyhound which is being raced, coursed, exercised or trained upon land which the owner is authorised or entitled to use for that purpose; or

        (b)     a greyhound while it is being exhibited for show purposes at a fixture conducted under the rules and regulations of the Victorian Canine Association or any successor in law of that association or an organisation approved by the Council of the municipal district in which the fixture is being conducted; or

        (c)     a greyhound while it is participating in obedience trials or classes and is under the effective control of a responsible person.

S. 28 amended by Nos 87/2000 s. 13, 83/2001 s. 24.

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