Victorian Current Acts

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   1.1.1.  Purpose  
   1.1.2.  Commencement  
   1.1.3.  Definitions  
   1.1.4.  Binding of Crown  
   1.1.5.  Extra-territorial operation of this Act  


   1.2.1.  Principles underlying the enactment of this Act  
   1.2.2.  Principles underlying the Government education and training system  
   1.2.3.  Principles not to give rise to civil cause of action  


   2.1.1.  Attendance at school  
   2.1.2.  Parent must comply with duty  
   2.1.2A. Offence for parent not to provide instruction to child registered for home schooling  
   2.1.3.  What is a reasonable excuse?  
   2.1.4.  Parent to notify school of absence  
   2.1.5.  Exemption from enrolment or attendance at school  
   2.1.6.  Obligations of parents  
   2.1.7.  Appointment of school attendance officers  
   2.1.8.  Identity card  
   2.1.9.  Production of identity card  
   2.1.10. Powers of school attendance officers  
   2.1.11. Offence to hinder or obstruct school attendance officer  
   2.1.12. Power to bring proceedings  
   2.1.13. Certificate to be evidence as to attendance of child  
   2.1.15. School enrolment notice  
   2.1.16. School attendance notice  
   2.1.17. Content of school enrolment notice  
   2.1.18. Content of school attendance notice  
   2.1.19. Parent must respond to school enrolment notice  
   2.1.20. Parent must respond to school attendance notice  
   2.1.21. Offences for failing to comply with school enrolment notice or school attendance notice  
   2.1.22. Offence to provide false information  
   2.1.23. Infringement notices, penalties and offences  
   2.1.24. Minister may issue guidelines  


   2.2.1.  Establishment of Government schools and educational services  
   2.2.2.  Discontinuation of Government schools—limitation of judicial review  
   2.2.3.  Limitation on occupier's liability for discontinued Government schools  
   2.2.4.  Instruction in specified learning areas to be free to students under 20  
   2.2.5.  Students over 20 may be charged fees  
   2.2.6.  Parent not required to contribute to cost of additional support  
   2.2.7.  Voluntary financial contributions  
   2.2.8.  Overseas students to be required to pay fees  
   2.2.9.  Overseas students fees Order  
   2.2.10. Education in Government schools to be secular  
   2.2.11. Special religious instruction  
   2.2.12. Ceremony in relation to being Australian citizens  
   2.2.13. Admission to designated neighbourhood Government school  
   2.2.14. Admission to other Government school  
   2.2.15. Refusal of admission generally  
   2.2.16. Minister may approve admission criteria  
   2.2.17. Refusal of admission for safety reasons  
   2.2.18. Age requirements for enrolment at Government schools  
   2.2.19. Discipline of students  
   2.2.20. Assistance for students with special needs  


   2.3.1.  Definitions  
   2.3.2.  Minister may constitute school council by Order  
   2.3.3.  Minister entitled to act if no school council  
   2.3.4.  Objectives of a school council  
   2.3.5.  Functions of a school council  
   2.3.6.  Powers of a school council  
   2.3.7.  Accountability  
   2.3.8.  Employment or engagement of teachers and other staff in schools  
   2.3.9.  Eligibility of person to be employed as a teacher or an early childhood teacher  
   2.3.10. Dismissal, suspension and termination of employment  
   2.3.10A.Employment, dismissal and termination of holders of temporary approvals  
   2.3.11. Use of school buildings and grounds for activities  
   2.3.12. School council may carry out works  
   2.3.13. Public bodies authorised to perform works for school council  
   2.3.14. School council may form sub-committee  
   2.3.15. School council may delegate powers, duties or functions  
   2.3.16. School council may form committees to manage joint facilities  
   2.3.17. School council may delegate powers, duties or functions to members of committee  
   2.3.18. School council may sell property  
   2.3.19. Application of Division  
   2.3.20. School councils may provide for preschool programs  
   2.3.21. Council may grant lease or licence over preschool land  
   2.3.22. Fees for preschool programs  
   2.3.23. Application of, and accounting for, money received  
   2.3.24. School plan  
   2.3.25. Status of school plan  
   2.3.26. Termination of school plan  
   2.3.27. School council to prepare annual report  
   2.3.28. Powers of Auditor-General regarding council accounts  
   2.3.29. Use of funds by school council  
   2.3.30. Annual reports  
   2.3.31. Limitation on commencement of legal proceedings  
   2.3.32. Indemnity for school council members  


   2.4.1.  Definitions  
   2.4.2.  Application of Federal awards and agreements  
   2.4.3.  Employment of teachers, principals and other staff  
   2.4.3A. Remuneration range for executives  
   2.4.4.  Filling of vacant positions  
   2.4.5.  Public notices  
   2.4.6.  Secretary to consider recommendation of school council  
   2.4.7.  Eligibility for employment  
   2.4.8.  Employment to be on probation  
   2.4.9.  Term of employment  
   2.4.10. Reclassification of a position  
   2.4.11. Progression of salary or wages  
   2.4.12. Definitions  
   2.4.13. Classification of positions in the Principal Class  
   2.4.14. Contract of employment  
   2.4.15. Matters regulated by a contract of employment  
   2.4.16. Monetary remuneration and employment benefits  
   2.4.17. Travelling and subsistence allowances etc.  
   2.4.18. Performance review of a member of the Principal Class  
   2.4.19. Termination of a contract of employment  
   2.4.20. Vacancy of Principal Class position  
   2.4.21. Contracts prevail in certain circumstances  
   2.4.22. Certain legal proceedings excluded  
   2.4.23. Division 5 of Part 3 of Public Administration Act 2004 not to apply  
   2.4.23B.Classification of positions in the Executive Class  
   2.4.23C.Contract of employment  
   2.4.23D.Matters regulated by a contract of employment  
   2.4.23E.Travelling and subsistence allowances etc.  
   2.4.23F.Termination of a contract of employment  
   2.4.23G.Vacancy of Executive Class position  
   2.4.23H.Contracts prevail in certain circumstances  
   2.4.23I.Division 5 of Part 3 of Public Administration Act 2004 not to apply  
   2.4.24. Leave of absence and pay in lieu  
   2.4.25. Long service leave  
   2.4.26. Payment instead of long service leave  
   2.4.27. Work of a higher or lower class or grade  
   2.4.28. Gratuity  
   2.4.29. Rent charged to employees  
   2.4.30. Restriction on employees doing other work  
   2.4.31. Saving of rights of persons holding Government office  
   2.4.32. Retirement through ill-health—long service leave  
   2.4.33. Retirement  
   2.4.34. Absence from duty  
   2.4.35. Fines to be stopped from salary  
   2.4.36. No claim for compensation  
   2.4.37. Transfer etc. from teaching service to public service  
   2.4.38. Transfer etc. from public service to teaching service  
   2.4.39. Rights in the public service preserved  
   2.4.40. Rights under this Act preserved  
   2.4.41. Transfer or promotion of an on-going employee  
   2.4.42. Term of employment  
   2.4.43. Employment of members of the Principal Class or the Executive Class  
   2.4.44. Merit Protection Boards  
   2.4.45. Membership of Boards  
   2.4.45A.Pool of appointed persons  
   2.4.45B.Terms and conditions of appointment of pool members  
   2.4.46. Resignation and removal from office of pool members  
   2.4.47. Acting senior chairperson  
   2.4.48. Allocation of work amongst the Boards  
   2.4.49. Oath of office  
   2.4.49A.Member unable to perform duties  
   2.4.50. Decisions of Board  
   2.4.51. Reviews  
   2.4.52. Determination of Board  
   2.4.53. Review of Secretary's decision not to appoint  
   2.4.53A.Review of Secretary's decision not to re-employ  
   2.4.54. Review of appointment of principal  
   2.4.55. Relevant criteria  
   2.4.56. Termination due to physical or mental incapacity  
   2.4.57. Appeal to Merit Protection Board  
   2.4.58. Dismissal of disqualified and unregistered teachers  
   2.4.59. Suspension and dismissal of unregistered teachers  
   2.4.59B.Secretary to establish procedures for the purposes of this Division  
   2.4.59C.Defects in procedures will not invalidate determinations  
   2.4.59D.Secretary's options on receiving a report  
   2.4.59E.Notice to employee relating to determination  
   2.4.59F.Determination of Secretary  
   2.4.59G.Notice of determination  
   2.4.59H.Conduct dealt with under this Division cannot form basis for Division 10 action  
   2.4.60. Grounds for action  
   2.4.61. Action against employee  
   2.4.61A.Secretary may terminate employee for serious misconduct  
   2.4.62. Procedures for investigation and determination of allegations  
   2.4.63. Setting aside etc. of conviction or finding of guilt  
   2.4.64. Suspension from duty  
   2.4.65. Investigation  
   2.4.66. Employee may make submissions  
   2.4.67. Secretary need not hold oral hearing  
   2.4.68. Appeal  
   2.4.69. Reinstatement and payments after allowance of appeal against termination  
   2.4.70. Address for service  
   2.4.71. Senior chairperson  
   2.4.72. Establishment of Disciplinary Appeals Boards  
   2.4.73. Membership of Boards  
   2.4.74. Terms and conditions of appointment of members  
   2.4.75. Resignation and removal from office  
   2.4.76. Allocation of work  
   2.4.77. Oath of office  
   2.4.78. Member unable to perform duties  
   2.4.79. Decisions of Board  
   2.4.80. Conduct of proceedings  
   2.4.81. Medical examination  
   2.4.82. Immunity  
   2.4.83. Publication requirements  


   2.5.1.  Definitions  
   2.5.2.  Establishment of Authority  
   2.5.3.  Functions of Authority  
   2.5.4.  Cancellation or alteration of statements  
   2.5.5.  Powers of Authority  
   2.5.6.  Membership of Authority  
   2.5.7.  Establishment of committees  
   2.5.8.  Schedule 2  
   2.5.9.  Delegation of Authority's power  
   2.5.10. Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Fund  
   2.5.11. Special provision in assessments  
   2.5.12. Authority may investigate certain matters  
   2.5.13. Decision on report  
   2.5.14. Assessment may be withheld pending decision  
   2.5.15. Notice of hearing  
   2.5.16. Procedure of review committee  
   2.5.17. Cross-examination of witnesses  
   2.5.18. Legal representation  
   2.5.19. Decision of review committee  
   2.5.20. Notification of decision  
   2.5.21. Student may appeal against school decisions etc.  
   2.5.21A.Review of reprimand by nominated appeals committee member  
   2.5.22. Review by appeals committee  
   2.5.23. Appointment of appeals committee  
   2.5.24. Notification of alteration of record of student assessment  


   2.6.1.  Definitions  
   2.6.2.  Continuation of existing Institute  
   2.6.3.  Functions of Institute  
   2.6.4.  Powers of Institute  
   2.6.5.  Ministerial advice  
   2.6.6.  Council of the Victorian Institute of Teaching  
   2.6.6A. Minister's recommendations of persons for appointment as members of the Council  
   2.6.6AB.Nominations for recommendation for appointment of members to the Council  
   2.6.6AC.Minister may decline nominations  
   2.6.6AD.Insufficient eligible nominations  
   2.6.6AE.Minister may designate nominating organisation in certain circumstances  
   2.6.6B. Minister must consider certain persons for appointment as members of the Council  
   2.6.6C. Governor to appoint Deputy Chairperson  
   2.6.7.  Application for registration  
   2.6.8.  Qualification for registration as a teacher  
   2.6.9.  Registration  
   2.6.10. Provisional registration  
   2.6.11. Non-practising registration  
   2.6.12. Interim registration  
   2.6.12A.Application for registration  
   2.6.12B.National criminal history checks and information and testing—registered teachers and applications for registration under Division 3 and this Division  
   2.6.12C.Qualification for registration as an early childhood teacher  
   2.6.12D.Registration as an early childhood teacher  
   2.6.12E.Provisional registration as an early childhood teacher  
   2.6.12F.Non-practising registration as an early childhood teacher  
   2.6.12G.Interim registration  
   2.6.13. Application for permission to teach  
   2.6.13A.National criminal history checks and information—registered early childhood teachers and applicants for registration under Division 3A and this Division  
   2.6.14. Permission to teach  
   2.6.15. Entitlement of applicant to make submissions  
   2.6.16. Notification of outcome of application  
   2.6.17. Duration and renewal of registration  
   2.6.18. Application for renewal of registration  
   2.6.19. Refusal to renew registration  
   2.6.20. Registration obtained by fraud  
   2.6.21. Annual fees  
   2.6.21A.Change in teacher's name or correspondence address must be notified  
   2.6.22. Criminal record checks  
   2.6.22A.National criminal history checks  
   2.6.23. VIT may request information about criminal records of registered teacher  
   2.6.24. The Register of Registered Teachers  
   2.6.25. Publication of Register of Registered Teachers  
   2.6.26. Use of certificate as evidence  
   2.6.26A.Institute may request details of teachers in schools  
   2.6.26AB.Teacher must notify Institute of change to employer  
   2.6.26B.Institute may request details of early childhood teachers in early childhood services  
   2.6.26C.Early childhood teacher must notify Institute of change to employer  
   2.6.26D.Secretary may disclose information to Institute  
   2.6.27. Institute may suspend registration or permission to teach  
   2.6.28. Institute may suspend registration where unacceptable risk of harm to children  
   2.6.28A.Notice of interim suspension of registration  
   2.6.28B.Institute must notify employer of person subject to interim suspension  
   2.6.28C.Cessation of interim suspension of registration  
   2.6.28D.Person subject to interim suspension may make submissions to Institute  
   2.6.28E.Periodic review of interim suspension  
   2.6.28F.Notice of determination to continue interim suspension  
   2.6.28G.Revocation of interim suspension  
   2.6.28H.Notice of revocation of interim suspension  
   2.6.29. Cancellation of registration or permission to teach without inquiry  
   2.6.29A.Request for conditions on or suspension of registration  
   2.6.29B.Agreements to amend, vary or revoke conditions or revoke suspensions  
   2.6.29BA.Discretion to record suspension or condition in Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.29C.Cancellation by agreement  
   2.6.30. Powers of inquiry  
   2.6.31. Employer to notify Institute of action against teacher  
   2.6.32. Inquiry into criminal conduct  
   2.6.33. When matters are to be investigated  
   2.6.33A.Investigations without complaint or notification  
   2.6.33B.Institute to notify the teacher of an investigation  
   2.6.33C.Powers of investigator  
   2.6.33D.Investigation to be conducted expeditiously  
   2.6.34. Outcome of investigation  
   2.6.35. Institute may determine to conduct a hearing  
   2.6.35B.Health assessments  
   2.6.35C.Report of health assessment  
   2.6.35D.Refusal to attend or cooperate  
   2.6.35E.Health assessments required by a medical panel  
   2.6.35F.Pool of approved persons who may sit on hearing panels  
   2.6.36. Establishment and notification of an informal hearing  
   2.6.37. Constitution of informal hearing panel  
   2.6.38. Notice of an informal hearing  
   2.6.39. Conduct of an informal hearing  
   2.6.40. Findings and determinations of an informal hearing  
   2.6.41. Change of informal hearing to formal or medical panel hearing during course of hearing  
   2.6.41A.Appointment and notification of medical panel hearing  
   2.6.41B.Constitution of medical hearing panel  
   2.6.41C.Notice of medical panel hearing  
   2.6.41D.Conduct of a medical panel hearing  
   2.6.41E.Findings and determinations of medical panel hearing  
   2.6.41EA.Findings on referral by formal panel  
   2.6.41F.Referral to a health assessment  
   2.6.41G.Referral to formal hearing  
   2.6.42. Establishment and notification of formal hearing  
   2.6.43. Constitution of a hearing panel for a formal hearing  
   2.6.44. Notice of a formal hearing  
   2.6.45. Conduct of a formal hearing  
   2.6.45A.Panel may adjourn hearing  
   2.6.46. Findings and determinations of a formal hearing  
   2.6.47. Inquiry may continue even if person no longer registered  
   2.6.48. Procedure at hearing panel hearings  
   2.6.49. Determinations  
   2.6.49A.Publication of determinations of formal hearing panels  
   2.6.50. Notice of cancellations and determinations of panel  
   2.6.51. Notifications  
   2.6.52. Offence to publish or broadcast information identifying a complainant or contravening a determination of the panel  
   2.6.53. Enforcement of determination  
   2.6.54. Revocation of suspension  
   2.6.54A.The Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54B.Institute to maintain the Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54C.What the Register must contain  
   2.6.54D.Which particulars must not be recorded on the Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54E.Institute may decide that particulars be removed from or excluded from the Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54F.At what time can particulars be recorded in the Register  
   2.6.54G.Retention period of particulars contained in Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54H.Removal of particulars contained in Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54J.Updating and correcting particulars contained in the Register of Disciplinary Action  
   2.6.54K.Effect of suspension of registration  
   2.6.55. Review by VCAT  
   2.6.56. Unregistered teachers  
   2.6.56A.Unregistered early childhood teachers  
   2.6.56B.Offence to employ unregistered person for early childhood teacher requirements  
   2.6.57. Provision of information by teachers  
   2.6.58. False representation  
   2.6.59. Return of document  
   2.6.60. Proceedings  
   2.6.60A.Secretary may exempt early childhood service from funding requirements for registered early childhood teacher  
   2.6.60B.Application for a temporary approval to be employed or engaged as an early childhood teacher  
   2.6.60C.Grant of temporary approval  
   2.6.60D.Duration and conditions of temporary approvals  
   2.6.60E.Revocation of exemptions and temporary approvals  
   2.6.60F.Provision of information to the Secretary  
   2.6.61. Schedule 2  
   2.6.62. Resignation and removal  
   2.6.64. Acting members  
   2.6.65. Institute staff  
   2.6.66. Establishment of committees or bodies to act as delegates of Council  
   2.6.67. Delegation  
   2.6.68. Accreditation Committee  
   2.6.70. Membership of committees and bodies  
   2.6.71. Terms of office  
   2.6.72. Resignation and removal  
   2.6.73. Payment of members  
   2.6.74. Procedure of committee, panel or body  
   2.6.75. Effect of vacancy or defect  
   2.6.76. Immunity  
   2.6.77. Fees  
   2.6.77A.Fixing of fees for second registrations  
   2.6.78. Victorian Institute of Teaching Fund  
   2.6.79. Establishment of Colleges  


   2.7.1.  Intent of Part  
   2.7.3.  Minister may provide funding to non-Government schools  
   2.7.4.  Minimum amount of funding for non-Government schools  
   2.7.5.  Payment of funding  
   2.7.6.  Minister may have regard to needs of schools and students  
   2.7.7.  Conditions of funding  
   2.7.8.  Accountability and reporting  
   2.7.9.  Establishment  
   2.7.10. Function  
   2.7.11. Membership  
   2.7.12. Further provisions for School Policy and Funding Advisory Council  
   2.7.13. Review of Part  


   2.8.1.  Definitions  
   2.8.2.  Debt recovery arrangements relating to Commonwealth funding for schools  
   2.8.3.  Debt enforceable despite certain circumstances  


   3.1.1.  Application of Division  
   3.1.2.  VET funding  
   3.1.3.  Provisions in VET funding contracts  
   3.1.4.  Monetary amounts in VET funding contracts  
   3.1.5.  Specific performance  
   3.1.6.  Requirements of VET funding contracts for the benefit of students  
   3.1.7.  Right of entry to monitor VET funding contracts  
   3.1.11. TAFE institutes and boards  
   3.1.12. TAFE institute is a body corporate  
   3.1.12A.Objectives of TAFE institutes  
   3.1.12B.Functions of TAFE institutes  
   3.1.12C.Powers of TAFE institutes  
   3.1.12D.Borrowing and investment by TAFE institutes  
   3.1.12E.TAFE institute to keep books and accounts  
   3.1.13. Functions of TAFE institute boards  
   3.1.14. Powers of TAFE institute boards  
   3.1.15. Accountability of TAFE institute boards  
   3.1.16. Board directorship  
   3.1.16A.Chairperson of board—appointment and removal  
   3.1.17. Schedule 2  
   3.1.18. Removal of directors  
   3.1.18A.Strategic plans  
   3.1.18B.When statement of corporate intent to be prepared  
   3.1.18C.Content of statement of corporate intent  
   3.1.19. Reserve powers of Minister  
   3.1.20. Notice of proposal  
   3.1.21. Appointment of administrator  
   3.1.22. Saving of acts of board  
   3.1.23. Employment of staff  
   3.1.24. Minister may object to appointment of chief executive officer  
   3.1.25. Schedule 3  
   3.1.26. Chief executive officer  
   3.1.26AA.Establishment of a board of a TAFE institute to govern both the institute and an adult education institution  
   3.1.26AB.Merger of a TAFE institute with an adult education institution  
   3.1.26A.Use of the term "TAFE" or "technical and further education"  
   3.1.26B.Injunction to prevent or restrain a contravention  


   3.2.1.  Definition  
   3.2.2.  Application of Division  
   3.2.3.  Provision for declining automatic membership of a student organisation  
   3.2.4.  Students who do not join student organisation  
   3.2.5.  Limitation on powers to spend funds from compulsory non‑academic fees etc.  
   3.2.6.  Voluntary fees held on trust  
   3.2.7.  Offence  
   3.2.8.  Statement about compulsory fees etc.  
   3.2.9.  Application  
   3.2.10. Post-secondary education institutions  
   3.2.11. Incorporation of Councils  
   3.2.12. Award of degrees or diplomas  


   3.3.1.  Definitions  
   3.3.2.  The Adult, Community and Further Education Board  
   3.3.3.  Functions of the Board  
   3.3.4.  Powers of the Board  
   3.3.5.  Board to consult  
   3.3.6.  Financial powers  
   3.3.7.  Performance agreements  
   3.3.10. Membership of the Board  
   3.3.11. Schedule 2  
   3.3.12. Committees of the Board  
   3.3.13. Staff  
   3.3.14. Delegations by the Board  
   3.3.15. Delegations by the General Manager  
   3.3.16. Regions  
   3.3.17. Regional Councils  
   3.3.18. Functions of Regional Councils  
   3.3.19. Powers of Regional Councils  
   3.3.20. Accountability  
   3.3.21. Membership of Regional Councils  
   3.3.22. Terms and conditions of office of members  
   3.3.23. Meetings of Councils  
   3.3.26. Adult Multicultural Education Services  
   3.3.27. Centre for Adult Education  
   3.3.28. Adult education institutions and governing boards  
   3.3.29. Adult education institution is a body corporate  
   3.3.29A.Objectives of adult education institutions  
   3.3.29B.Functions of adult education institutions  
   3.3.29C.Powers of adult education institutions  
   3.3.30. Functions of governing boards  
   3.3.31. Powers of governing boards  
   3.3.32. Accountability of governing boards  
   3.3.33. Governing board membership  
   3.3.34. Removal from office of members  
   3.3.34A.Strategic plans  
   3.3.34B.When statement of corporate intent to be prepared  
   3.3.34C.Content of statement of corporate intent  
   3.3.35. Reserve powers of Minister  
   3.3.36. Notice of proposal  
   3.3.37. Appointment of administrator  
   3.3.38. Saving of acts of board  
   3.3.39. Schedule 2  
   3.3.40. Employment of staff  
   3.3.41. Minister may object to chief executive officer appointment  
   3.3.42. Staff conditions  
   3.3.43. Chief executive officers  


   4.1.1.  Interpretation  


   4.2.1.  Establishment of Authority  
   4.2.2.  Functions of Authority  
   4.2.3.  Powers of Authority  
   4.2.4.  Membership of Authority  
   4.2.5.  Schedule 2  
   4.2.6.  Director's responsibilities  
   4.2.7.  Delegation of Authority's power  
   4.2.8.  Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority Fund  
   4.2.9.  Power to notify students about education and training organisations  


   4.3.1.  Requirements for registration  
   4.3.1A. Authority may assess the financial capability of registered non-Government schools  
   4.3.2.  Compliance with standards for registration  
   4.3.3.  Review of operations of schools by Authority  
   4.3.3A. Undertakings by school  
   4.3.3B. Copy of undertaking  
   4.3.3C. Register of undertakings  
   4.3.3D. Authority may apply for Court order if undertaking breached  
   4.3.3E. Interim condition may be imposed on school before review completed  
   4.3.3F. Interim condition to be reviewed at completion of review  
   4.3.3G. Procedure after decision to take action in respect of school  
   4.3.4.  Action after review  
   4.3.4A. Authority may suspend or cancel registration of school in other circumstances  
   4.3.4B. Authority must give notice to school of action  
   4.3.5.  Reports from registered schools  
   4.3.6.  Notice of registration to be displayed  
   4.3.7.  Attendance register in registered schools  
   4.3.8.  Register of schools  
   4.3.8A. Authority may issue guidelines  
   4.3.9.  Authority to register students for home schooling  
   4.3.9A. Application of Division  
   4.3.10. Registration of education and training organisations  
   4.3.11. Criteria for registration  
   4.3.12. Terms of registration  
   4.3.12A.Intent of Division  
   4.3.13. Application of Division  
   4.3.14. Registration and national effect of registration  
   4.3.15. Applying for registration  
   4.3.16. Decision about registration  
   4.3.17. Registration conditions  
   4.3.18. Term of registration  
   4.3.19. Amending registration on application by registered education and training organisation  
   4.3.20. Removal of registered details  
   4.3.21. Amending, suspending or cancelling registration without application  
   4.3.21A.Faster action in exceptional circumstances  
   4.3.22. Cancelling registration on change of business operations  
   4.3.23. Effect of suspension of registration of RTO  
   4.3.24. Registering body to register amendment, suspension or cancellation  
   4.3.25. Audit of RTO registered by the Authority  
   4.3.26. Audit of RTO registered by another registering body  
   4.3.27. Conduct of audit  
   4.3.28. Powers not limited by compliance audit provisions  
   4.3.29. Function or power may be used to support national scheme  
   4.3.29A.RTO contracts taken to include fair contract terms  
   4.3.30. Approval of Universities  
   4.3.31. Revocation or suspension of approval of University  
   4.3.32. Disallowance of notices  
   4.3.33. Authorisation to conduct higher education courses  
   4.3.34. Suspension or cancellation of authorisation  
   4.3.35. Review of operations of universities, institutions  
   4.3.36. Approvals to enable delegation of powers  
   4.3.38. Definitions  
   4.3.39. Displacement of other laws  
   4.3.40. Notices relating to appointment of external administrator under Corporations Act  
   4.3.41. Application for order for judicial administration  
   4.3.42. Order for judicial administration  
   4.3.43. Commencement of judicial administration  
   4.3.44. Appointment of judicial administrator  
   4.3.45. Remuneration of judicial administrator  
   4.3.46. Administration to vest in judicial administrator  
   4.3.47. Powers and duties of judicial administrator  
   4.3.48. Supreme Court's control of judicial administrator  
   4.3.49. Application by Authority for instructions to judicial administrator  
   4.3.50. Request by Authority for information  
   4.3.51. Duration of judicial administration  
   4.3.52. Effect of cancellation or ending of judicial administration  
   4.3.53. How judicial administrator is to administer  


   4.4.1.  Investigation of a course or part of a course by Authority  
   4.4.2.  Accreditation of a course or part of a course  
   4.4.3.  Cancellation or suspension of accreditation  
   4.4.4.  Review of higher education courses  
   4.4.5.  Who can issue qualifications?  


   4.5.1.  Approval to provide courses for overseas students  
   4.5.2.  Process for approval  
   4.5.3.  Suspension or cancellation of approval  
   4.5.4.  Review of operations of institutions and courses  
   4.5.5.  Faster action in exceptional circumstances  


   4.5A.1. Approval of overseas secondary student exchange organisations  
   4.5A.2. Conditions of approval  
   4.5A.3. Application for approval  
   4.5A.4. Duration and renewal of approval  
   4.5A.5. Application for renewal of approval  
   4.5A.6. Suspension or cancellation of approval  


   4.6.1.  State Register  
   4.6.2.  Division of education and training organisations  
   4.6.3.  Division of Higher Education  
   4.6.4.  National registration  


   4.6A.1. Definition of RTO in this Part  
   4.6A.2. Complaint handling process  
   4.6A.3. Register of complaints  
   4.6A.4. Access to register of complaints  
   4.6A.5. RTO must keep complete records of complaints  
   4.6A.5A.Referral of complaint under approved scheme if not resolved by RTO  
   4.6A.5B.Approval of dispute resolution and student welfare scheme  
   4.6A.5C.RTO must disclose whether member of dispute resolution and student welfare scheme  
   4.6A.6. Student may make complaint to Authority  


   4.7.1.  Unregistered schools  
   4.7.2.  Offences by unregistered persons  
   4.7.3.  Offence in relation to accredited courses  
   4.7.4.  Offences in relation to courses and qualifications  
   4.7.5.  Offence to falsely claim to be an RTO  
   4.7.6.  Only approved universities to operate in Victoria  
   4.7.7.  Accreditation and authorisation of courses required  
   4.7.8.  Offence to falsely claim to provide an accredited course  
   4.7.9.  Offence in relation to qualifications  
   4.7.10. RTO must keep certain information or documents available for inspection  
   4.7.11. False or misleading information  
   4.7.12. RTO must keep student records  


   4.8.1.  Review by VCAT  


   4.9.1.  Publication of registers  
   4.9.2.  Certificate prima facie evidence  
   4.9.3.  False representation  
   4.9.4.  Information may be made available  


   5.1.1.  Department  
   5.1.2.  Supply of information  


   5.2.1.  Minister's general powers  
   5.2.2.  Minister's powers about multi-sector arrangements  
   5.2.3.  Minister's powers to acquire land  
   5.2.4.  Minister's power to take land on lease  
   5.2.5.  Minister's power over reserved Crown lands  
   5.2.6.  Vesting of land in Minister administering this Act  
   5.2.7.  Agreements and arrangements concerning use of property  
   5.2.8.  Minister's powers for off shore education services  
   5.2.9.  Delegations by Minister  
   5.2.9A. Delegation of Minister's powers  
   5.2.10. Establishment of bodies to advise Minister  
   5.2.11. Minister's powers to require financial agreements  
   5.2.13. Minister's powers to fix fees  


   5.3.1.  Secretary's powers of employment  
   5.3.2.  Secretary's other functions and powers  
   5.3.3.  Delegation of Secretary's powers  
   5.3.4.  Secretary may request criminal record check of employee  
   5.3.5.  Effectiveness and efficiency review  


   5.3A.1. Definitions  
   5.3A.2. Application of Part  
   5.3A.3. Requirements for allocation or verification of Victorian student numbers  
   5.3A.4. Information to be provided to Secretary  
   5.3A.5. Secretary must allocate or verify Victorian student number  
   5.3A.6. Secretary to notify provider or Authority of Victorian student number  
   5.3A.7. Secretary must establish Student Register  
   5.3A.8. Secretary to maintain Student Register  
   5.3A.9. Authorisations for use of Victorian student numbers or related information  
   5.3A.10.Authorised users must only act in accordance with authorisation  
   5.3A.11.Student, parent or guardian may access Student Register information  
   5.3A.12.Secretary to provide copy of information to students, parents or guardians  
   5.3A.13.Student may use or disclose his or her Victorian student number  
   5.3A.14.Prohibition on Secretary's use or disclosure  
   5.3A.15.False representation  
   5.3A.17.Secretary to allocate current students with Victorian student numbers  
   5.3A.18.Secretary may request information relating to students  
   5.3A.19.Appointed days for application of section 5.3A.3 to providers  


   5.4.1.  Definitions  
   5.4.2.  Application of Division in relation to work experience and structured workplace learning arrangements  
   5.4.3.  Work experience arrangements  
   5.4.4.  Orders about work experience arrangements  
   5.4.5.  Structured workplace learning arrangements  
   5.4.6.  Orders about structured workplace learning  
   5.4.7.  Conditions of employment under work experience arrangements  
   5.4.8.  Conditions of employment under structured workplace learning arrangements  
   5.4.9.  Payment  
   5.4.10. Duty of care  
   5.4.11. Application of certain laws if employment is for work experience  
   5.4.12. Arrangements for students from interstate  
   5.4.13. Definitions  
   5.4.14. Practical placement agreements  
   5.4.15. Determination about the placement of post‑secondary students  
   5.4.16. Payment  
   5.4.17. Suspension of conditions for students  
   5.4.18. Duty of care  
   5.4.19. Application of certain laws where employment is to gain work experience or training  
   5.4.20. Orders about non-payment for work  


   5.5.1.  Definitions  
   5.5.2.  Training schemes  
   5.5.3.  Certain provisions do not apply to certain vocations  
   5.5.4.  State training and employment provisions  
   5.5.5.  Training and employment agreements to accord with Schedule 4  
   5.5.6.  Employer must have Authority's approval to enter into a training contract with an apprentice  
   5.5.7.  Procedure for approval  
   5.5.8.  Employer's obligations under a training contract  
   5.5.9.  Apprentice's obligations under a training contract  
   5.5.10. Approval of training contracts  
   5.5.11. Parties to training contract  
   5.5.12. Execution of training contract  
   5.5.13. Apprentice to be enrolled in training  
   5.5.14. Term of a training contract  
   5.5.15. Cancellation, suspension or variation of a training contract  
   5.5.16. Suspension or cancellation of a training contract if insufficient employment available  
   5.5.17. Authority to determine grievances in certain circumstances  
   5.5.18. Associations of employers may employ apprentices  
   5.5.19. Partnerships  
   5.5.20. Approved training agents  
   5.5.21. Delegations to approved training agents  
   5.5.22. Review of decisions of approved training agents  
   5.5.23. Register of apprentices  
   5.5.24. Subsidies  
   5.5.25. Fees for certificates  
   5.5.26. Information sharing  


   5.6.1.  Definitions  
   5.6.2.  Compensation for personal injuries  
   5.6.2A. Cessation of benefits  
   5.6.3.  Compensation for damage to property  
   5.6.4.  Jurisdiction  
   5.6.5.  Authority to represent Crown  
   5.6.6.  Payments  
   5.6.7.  Recovery from third parties  
   5.6.8.  Compensation for property damage and expenses to be paid from Consolidated Fund  
   5.6.9.  Offence  


   5.7.1.  Scholarships at Government schools  
   5.7.2.  Minister's powers to grant scholarships  


   5.7A.1. Purpose of this Part  
   5.7A.2. Definitions  
   5.7A.3. Mildura schools land  
   5.7A.4. Land purchased under this Part to vest in the Minister administering this Part  
   5.7A.5. Variation to Mildura schools land by Order  
   5.7A.6. First Order declaring beneficiary schools  
   5.7A.7. Further Orders varying beneficiary schools  
   5.7A.8. Orders to be tabled in Parliament  
   5.7A.9. Power of Minister to lease Mildura schools land  
   5.7A.10.Rent to be determined on basis of valuation of land  
   5.7A.11.Valuation of land to include value of improvements  
   5.7A.12.Leaseholder may apply for review to VCAT  
   5.7A.13.Ownership of improvements on leased land  
   5.7A.14.Power of Minister to grant easements over Mildura schools land  
   5.7A.15.Minister holds Mildura schools land on trust for sale  
   5.7A.16.Power of Minister to purchase additional land  
   5.7A.17.Power of Minister to subdivide or consolidate land  
   5.7A.18.Power of Minister to enter agreement with trustee  
   5.7A.19.Agreement to provide for establishment of funds for rents and profits  
   5.7A.20.Agreement to provide for costs to be paid out of funds  
   5.7A.21.Agreement to provide for money in funds to be distributed to beneficiary schools  
   5.7A.22.School councils may recommend that distribution of income be varied  
   5.7A.23.Agreement to provide for reports by trustee company  
   5.7A.24.Distribution amount to be paid to school  
   5.7A.25.Use of distributed money by school councils and governing bodies  
   5.7A.26.Proceeds of dispositions of land and easements to be paid into special fund  
   5.7A.27.Income derived from proceeds treated as rent and profits  
   5.7A.28.Division has effect despite contrary law  


   5.8.1.  Authorised officers  
   5.8.2.  Identification  
   5.8.2A. Authorised officer must return identity card to Authority  
   5.8.2B. Application of this Division  
   5.8.3.  Powers of authorised officers  
   5.8.3A. Application of Division  
   5.8.3B. Definitions  
   5.8.3C. Warning notice to public about RTO  
   5.8.3D. Authorised officers defined for this Subdivision  
   5.8.3E. Production of identity card  
   5.8.3F. Searches of premises to monitor compliance with a relevant law  
   5.8.3G. Entry and search of relevant premises with consent if alleged contravention  
   5.8.3H. Procedure for obtaining consent to searches under section 5.8.3F or 5.8.3G  
   5.8.3I. Search warrants  
   5.8.3J. Announcement before entry  
   5.8.3K. Details of warrant to be given to occupier or person  
   5.8.3L. Seizure of things not mentioned in the warrant  
   5.8.3M. Receipt must be given for any thing seized  
   5.8.3N. Copies of seized documents  
   5.8.3O. Retention and return of seized documents or things  
   5.8.3P. Magistrates' Court may extend 3 month period  
   5.8.3Q. Requirement to assist authorised officer during entry  
   5.8.3R. Refusal or failure to comply with requirement  
   5.8.3S. Protection against self-incrimination  
   5.8.3T. Offence to give false or misleading information  
   5.8.3U. Complaints against authorised officers  
   5.8.3V. Undertakings  
   5.8.3W. Copy of undertaking  
   5.8.3X. Register of undertakings  
   5.8.3Y. Authority may apply for Court order if undertaking breached  
   5.8.3YA.Injunctions to restrain conduct  
   5.8.3YB.Injunctions to do an act or thing  
   5.8.3YC.Interim injunctions  
   5.8.3YD.Power to rescind or vary injunctions  
   5.8.3YE.Other powers of the County Court or the Magistrates' Court unaffected  
   5.8.3Z. Infringements  
   5.8.4.  Offence to hinder, obstruct or delay an authorised officer  
   5.8.5.  Authority to provide information to school attendance officers  
   5.8.6.  Proceedings for offences  
   5.8.7.  Offences by a body corporate etc.  
   5.8.7A. Conduct by officers, employees or agents  
   5.8.8.  Evidentiary  
   5.8.9.  Evidence  


   5.8A.1. Definitions  
   5.8A.2. Declaration of certain harmful items  
   5.8A.3. Power to search for harmful items  
   5.8A.4. Powers to seize harmful items  
   5.8A.5. Action to be taken after search or seizure  
   5.8A.6. Teacher may be authorised to search for or seize harmful items  
   5.8A.7. Powers are additional  


   5.9.1.  Delegation  
   5.9.2.  Disposal of land of non-vested schools  
   5.9.3.  Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  


   5.10.1. Regulations  
   5.10.2. Scope of regulations  
   5.10.3.  Orders in Council  
   5.10.4. Ministerial orders—general provisions  
   5.10.5. Ministerial Orders—special provisions  
   5.10.6. Ministerial Orders—disallowance  
   6.1.3.  Transitional and saving provisions  
   6.1.4.  Transitional provision—Teaching Service Act  
   6.1.5.  Transitional provision—Government teaching service  
   6.1.6.  Transitional provision—directors of TAFE institute boards  
   6.1.7.  Transitional provision—operators of student exchange programs  
   6.1.8.  Transitional provision—overseas exchange students  
   6.1.9.  Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Further Amendment Act 2008  
   6.1.10. Transitional provision—Education and Training Reform Further Amendment Act 2008  
   6.1.11. Transitional provision—Education and Training Reform Further Amendment Act 2008  
   6.1.12. Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.13. Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.14. Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.15. Transitional provision—Education and Training Reform Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.16. Transitional provision—Education and Training Reform Further Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.17. Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.18. Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Further Amendment Act 2010  
   6.1.19. Transitional and savings provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Skills) Act 2010  
   6.1.20. Transitional—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Skills) Act 2010  
   6.1.21. Validation of practical placement agreements by certain training organisations  
   6.1.22. Validation of actions of boards of TAFE institutes and adult education institutions outside of Victoria  
   6.1.23. Validation of work experience arrangements—student in accredited senior secondary course  
   6.1.24. Validation of structured workplace learning arrangements  
   6.1.25. Validation of practical placement agreements involving students not above compulsory school age  
   6.1.27. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education Legislation Amendment (VET Sector, Universities and Other Matters) Act 2012  
   6.1.29. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education Legislation Amendment (VET Sector, Universities and Other Matters) Act 2012  
   6.1.30. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education Legislation Amendment (VET Sector, Universities and Other Matters) Act 2012  
   6.1.31. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education Legislation Amendment (Governance) Act 2012  
   6.1.32. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education Legislation Amendment (Governance) Act 2012  
   6.1.33. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education Legislation Amendment (Governance) Act 2012  
   6.1.34. Transitional and savings provisions—the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Dual Sector Universities) Act 2013  
   6.1.35. Transitional and savings provision—the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Registration of Early Childhood Teachers and Victorian Institute of Teaching) Act 2014  
   6.1.36. Transitional and savings provision—the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Registration of Early Childhood Teachers and Victorian Institute of Teaching) Act 2014  
   6.1.37. Transitional and savings provision—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Registration of Early Childhood Teachers and Victorian Institute of Teaching) Act 2014—registration of early childhood teachers  
   6.1.38. Transitional and savings provision—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Registration of Early Childhood Teachers and Victorian Institute of Teaching) Act 2014—VIT Council  
   6.1.39. Transitional provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Miscellaneous) Act 2015  
   6.1.40. Transitional provisions—Education Legislation Amendment (TAFE and University Governance Reform) Act 2015  
   6.1.41. Transitional and savings provisions—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Victorian Institute of Teaching) Act 2016  
   6.1.42. Transitional provision—Education and Training Reform Amendment (Miscellaneous) Act 2016  
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