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Application for permission to teach

    (1)     An application for permission to teach may be made to the Institute.

S. 2.6.13(1A) inserted by No. 31/2018 s. 10(1), substituted by No. 34/2020 s. 221.

    (1A)     A person may not apply for permission to teach within 5 years after having been given a WWC exclusion under the Worker Screening Act 2020 unless, since the person was given the WWC exclusion, the WWC exclusion has been set aside or the person has been given a WWC clearance under that Act.

    (2)     An application must be—

        (a)     in the form approved by the Institute and contain particulars of the person or body who intends to employ or engage the applicant; and

S. 2.6.13 (2)(ab) inserted by No. 27/2010 s. 19(1), repealed by No. 19/2014 s. 7(1).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 2.6.13(2)(b) substituted by No. 19/2014 s. 7(1), amended by No. 19/2014 s. 48(1)(a).

        (b)     subject to section 2.6.13A, accompanied by—

S. 2.6.13
(2)(b)(i) amended by No. 19/2014 s. 48(1)(b).

              (i)     subject to subsection (4), evidence satisfactory to the Institute that the person or body intending to employ or engage the applicant had first attempted to employ or engage a teacher registered under Division 3 of this Part to fill the teaching position relating to the application; and

              (ii)     the application fee fixed by the Minister; and

              (iii)     a consent signed by the applicant for the Institute to conduct a national criminal history check on the applicant; and

              (iv)     the information specified in the application form relating to the identity of the applicant required for the purposes of the national criminal history check; and

              (v)     the fee fixed by the Minister for the national criminal history check.

S. 2.6.13(2A) inserted by No. 28/2010 s. 8(1), substituted by No. 19/2014 s. 7(2).

    (2A)     The application must include an authorisation by the applicant for the Institute to arrange for the conduct of a State police record check

        (a)     on the applicant in connection with the consideration of the application; and

        (b)     if permission to teach is granted, on the teacher from time to time during the period for which the permission remains in force.

S. 2.6.13(2AB) inserted by No. 14/2013 s. 10.

    (2AB)     The application must include an address for the applicant to be used by the Institute in corresponding with the applicant.

S. 2.6.13(2B) inserted by No. 28/2010 s. 8(1), substituted by No. 19/2014 s. 7(3).

    (2B)     In considering an application under this section, the Institute

S. 2.6.13
(2B)(a) amended by No. 19/2014 s. 48(2).

        (a)     subject to section 2.6.13A, must conduct a national criminal history check on the applicant; and

S. 2.6.13(2B)(b) amended by No. 4/2017 s. 12(6)(a).

        (b)     may arrange for the conduct of a State police record check on the applicant; and

S. 2.6.13(2B)(c) inserted by No. 4/2017 s. 12(6)(b).

        (c)     may have regard to a finding, under
Part 5A of the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 , that the applicant has committed reportable conduct and the reasons for the finding.

S. 2.6.13(3) amended by No. 19/2014 s. 7(4), substituted by No. 31/2018 s. 10(2).

    (3)     The Institute may require an applicant to provide further information or material in respect of the application including information about—

        (a)     criminal records; and

        (b)     any previous or current work involving children (including as a volunteer) engaged in by the applicant.

S. 2.6.13(4) inserted by No. 27/2010 s. 19(2), amended by No. 19/2014 s. 7(5).

    (4)     The Institute may give a written exemption to an applicant under this section from having to provide the evidentiary material required under subsection (2)(b)(i).

S. 2.6.13A inserted by No. 19/2014 s. 49.

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