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Permission to teach

    (1)     The Institute may grant an applicant permission to teach if—

S. 2.6.14(1)(a) amended by No. 14/2013 s. 20(1).

        (a)     the applicant has the appropriate skills and experience to teach and satisfies the requirements of section 2.6.8(a)(ii); and

S. 2.6.14(1)(b) substituted by No. 31/2018 s. 11.

        (b)     there are no grounds under section 2.6.9(1A) or (2) under which the Institute must or may refuse to grant registration to the applicant; and

        (c)     the applicant has provided any information or material required under section 2.6.13; and

        (d)     the applicant has paid the fee fixed by the Minister.

    (2)     The Institute may impose any condition, limitation or restriction it thinks appropriate on the permission to teach including—

S. 2.6.14(2)(a) amended by No. 27/2010 s. 20(1).

        (a)     the period for which the permission remains in force, which may not exceed 3 years from the date of the grant of the permission;

        (b)     any subject that the person is permitted to teach;

        (c)     the school where the person is permitted to be employed or engaged at and teach;

        (d)     that the teacher provide information about criminal records within the period specified by the Institute.

S. 2.6.14(3) inserted by No. 27/2010 s. 20(2).

    (3)     The Institute may, on application by a person granted permission to teach, amend, vary or revoke any condition, limitation or restriction imposed under subsection (2).

S. 2.6.14(4) inserted by No. 19/2014 s. 8.

    (4)     The Institute may, from time to time, conduct a State police record check on a person granted permission to teach during the period that the permission to teach remains in force.

S. 2.6.14(5) inserted by No. 19/2014 s. 50.

    (5)     Permission to teach does not permit a person to be employed by or engaged in an early childhood service as an early childhood teacher.

Division 5—General provisions

S. 2.6.14A (Heading) amended by No. 10/2021 s. 13(1).

S. 2.6.14A inserted by No. 31/2018 s. 12.

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