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Suspension remains in force

    (1)     A suspension of registration under this Division remains in force until the earlier of the following occurs—

        (a)     the Institute revokes the suspension;

        (b)     in the case of a charge against a person that forms the ground for the suspension, the charge is finally dealt with in any of the following ways—

              (i)     the charge is withdrawn or the prosecution for the offence charged is discontinued;

              (ii)     the person dies without the charge having been determined;

              (iii)     the charge is dismissed by a court;

              (iv)     the person is discharged by a court following a committal proceeding;

              (v)     the person is acquitted of the offence by a court;

              (vi)     the person's registration is cancelled because of being found guilty of the offence by a court;

S. 2.6.27F
(1)(c) substituted by No. 34/2020 s. 226.

        (c)     in the case of an interim WWC exclusion that forms the ground for the suspension, a decision has been made under the Worker Screening Act 2020

              (i)     to give a WWC clearance under that Act to the person whose registration has been suspended under this Division; or

              (ii)     to not revoke a WWC clearance held by that person.

    (2)     If more than one charge forms the ground for the suspension, subsection (1)(b) does not apply until each of the charges is finally dealt with in accordance with that paragraph.

S. 2.6.27G inserted by No. 31/2018 s. 19.

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