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Outcome of preliminary assessment

    (1)     On completing a preliminary assessment of a notification or complaint, the Institute may—

        (a)     decide to conduct an investigation under Division 11; or

        (b)     decide to take any other action required or authorised to be taken under this Part; or

        (c)     decide to take no further action if the Institute is satisfied that—

              (i)     the notification or complaint is vexatious, frivolous, misconceived or lacking in substance; or

              (ii)     the person or body that made the notification or complaint has not responded, or has responded inadequately, to a requirement for further information under section 2.6.31(2); or

              (iii)     the employer or another person has already dealt adequately with the subject matter of the notification or complaint.

    (2)     The Institute, by written notice, must advise the following of the outcome of a preliminary assessment—

        (a)     the registered teacher who is the subject of the notification or complaint;

        (b)     the person or body that made the notification or complaint;

        (c)     the employer of the registered teacher, unless the Institute decides to take no further action under subsection (1)(c).

    (3)     Despite subsection (2), the Institute is not required to give written notice under subsection (2) if the Institute reasonably believes that doing so may—

        (a)     seriously prejudice any investigation of the notification or complaint; or

        (b)     place at risk a person's health or safety; or

        (c)     place a person at risk of harassment or intimidation.

Pt 2.6 Div. 11 (Heading) substituted by No. 10/2021 s. 25.

Division 11—Investigations

S. 2.6.33 amended by Nos 27/2010 s. 29, 31/2018 s. 27, substituted by No. 10/2021 s. 26.

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