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Application for renewal and approval of renewal by Institute

    (1)     A provider of an initial teacher education program may apply to the Institute for renewal of an approval given under section 2.6.6E in respect of the program before the approval expires.

    (2)     An application made under subsection (1) must be—

        (a)     in the form approved by the Institute; and

        (b)     accompanied by the application fee fixed by the Minister.

    (3)     If the Institute has not considered an application made under subsection (1) before the expiry of the approval, the approval is taken to be current until the Institute has determined the application.

    (4)     The Institute may renew the approval of a program or course of study as an initial teacher education program if—

        (a)     the Institute has had regard to any advice or recommendations given to it under section 2.6.6K; and

        (b)     the Institute has considered any requirements, criteria or standards for programs or courses of study leading to qualifications for entry to teaching as a teacher that have been agreed to with other States, Territories or the Commonwealth, including teacher registration authorities in those States or Territories; and

        (c)     the Institute has considered whether the provider of the program has complied with any conditions imposed on the existing approval and any previous approval given; and

        (d)     the program satisfies the requirements, criteria or standards approved by the Minister under section 2.6.5 and in force at the time the application is made.

    (5)     If the Institute renews the approval of an initial teacher education program under subsection (4), the Institute must—

        (a)     give the provider written notice of the renewal of the approval; and

        (b)     specify in the written notice—

              (i)     the period for which the renewed approval is given; and

              (ii)     that the Institute may impose conditions on the approval being renewed under section 2.6.6G at any time for the duration of the approval.

S. 2.6.6G inserted by No. 10/2021 s. 7.

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